These keys were built by me some years back when I was VE7PCC after seeing someone else's fine workmanship on the www and becoming enthusiastic enough to manufacture my own versions, so now as VA7DB here are some pics of my own offerings:

The first, Vail Lever Correspondent was originally constructed by Alfred Vail, inventor of the Morse Code ! back in 1844. This is my slightly modified copy (difference is that mine has binding posts added and bearings hidden inside the lever to make the movement smoother. The second and third pics are Kent Twin Paddle copies. The fourth is a copy of the Kent Straight key. The very last picture is a pair of sub-miniature paddles that I made from a picture found on the web by a Jim Nestor WK8G and yes the paddles are Guitar picks :-)

All have slight differences to the originals that I feel are improvements to the functionality.

Page Last Modified: 24 April 2004.
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