New Toy's for 2007

Hyosung GV650

This is my Hyosung Aquila GV650 (called Avatar in the Far East) The bike is built in Korea and is a blast to ride, equipped with a 650cc 90 degree V twin , with electronic ignition and water cooling.
It has a very comfortable seating position (important for old farts like me :-) and a very stiff frame, inverted forks and hollow cast wheels. The torque available from the V twin power plant is amazing, surprisingly far more than the old parallel twin 650 engine in my old Yamaha.

The bike is great fun to ride and it is hard to remove the grin on my old face since buying it :-)

Well, this year my dear wife and I got some new toy's to play with....I got the Hyosung GV650 cruiser above and she a Vespa (Piaggio) MP3

Here is her MP3, Wow, what a great bike to ride with its twin front wheels, fully independant front suspension it corners beautifully. Just think about it, two tire contact patches, two disk brakes and computer controlled paralleogram suspension.... Lots of fun :-)

Here's Mama on her new toy.

Many more pictures are available so email me if you want more info.
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