Recumbent Trike (Homebuilt)

DB EconTrike

Sold to a dog whisperer (young fellow who rehabillitates difficult / unwanted dogs) from Vancouver Island January 2011.)

This page details the design, construction and fun involved with building my version of a tadpole trike with direct Ackeman steering, 20" front wheels (36 spoke, alloy flangeless hub with disk brakes) both of the brake callipers are fed by one hand brake lever.
Three speed front B/B and seven on a 26" alloy rear wheel with integral SRAM hub gear / drum brake set-up.
Frame is made of 2" CroMo thin wall tube TIG welded and powder coated, all accessories are alluminium anodized black.
The original concept came from Tim Smiths fine web page in Australia: ( )

The drum brake that is internal with the rear hub is set up as a parking brake only. The basic concept for this recumbent was taken from Tim Smith's fine web page in Tasmania.
(Thanks Tim)
Many more pictures are available so email me if you want more info.
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