Some oddball Electronic Projects by VA7DB

Homebuilt 0-30Mhz DDS / PIC Microcontroller driven RF Signal Generator"

This page is a look at a very small portion of the electronic Gizmo's I have undertaken to build over many years, there are lots more (too many to list really).

Crude but effective 2 tone audio generator

Some tiny and really crude little "Quickie" one evening type projects

A PIC microcontroller Morse Code Decoder

Another PIC based counter for RF frequencies, with adjustable offset for SSB.

A cute little portable twin trace digital sampling Oscilloscope built inside a Game Boy cartridge, uses the Game Boy display which is very high resolution for its graphical output.
The original article can be seen here: ( ) This was taken from an Elektor magazine article.
The actual modified game boy cart, crammed full of SMT parts

This project is an On Board Diagnostics interface (Yet another PIC) to allow me to hook my car Engine Control Module to my laptop and diagnose and reset and fault codes..
I bought the pre-programmed PIC and built the rest myself from the info on his web page at: ( )
A small parts count PIC chip programmer
A simple RF sniffer

A neat little fully shielded RF Step Attenuator, enclosure is milled from solid brass.

Dave Barrett ( VA7DB ) Vancouver B.C. Canada.

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Last updated: 3/Dec/04