Vespa GTS300 Super Sport

    This new Vespa is an on-going project, so far quite a few smaller mods have been accomplished such as:

  1. Replaced all incandescent bulbs (except the headlight) with LED's.
  2. Replaced the Indicators with LED's and used 6 ohm 50 Watt ballast resistors in the rear housings because the Handlebar turn indicator is wired across the left and right channels !
  3. Replaced the Bimetal Indicator Flasher with an Electronic version.
  4. Replaced the weak beep beep horn with a Stebel Nautilus Twin Air Horn unit, complete with relay
    supplying current straight from the battery via a 25 Amp fuse.
  5. Designed and built a Rear Brake Flasher unit, (which is programable) and is currently set up to flash on and off
    7 times very fast then come on solid as per Canadian laws.
  6. Designed and built a Headlamp Modulator complete with weather proof On/Off push button switch on the left
    handlebar area. This unit again, according to Canadian law must modulate the headlamp from full brightness down to 75%
    and back continuously at a rate of 3 times per second.
  7. Purchased, modified and installed a mechanical Cruise Control from BrakeAway Products.
  8. Purchased and installed an Akropovic Performance Exhaust.
  9. Removed all the cheap and nasty looking plastic graphics from around the bike.....I personally prefer the plain look.
  10. Purchased and installed a Rear Carrier.
  11. Purchased and installed a Side Stand.
  12. Modified rear Brake light assembly to take two much more powerful brake LEDs and rewired the original B/L socket to take a second running light to improve overall  visibility from the rear.
  13. Removed the Ugly lame looking and somewhat useless red and orange reflectors from the front fender and rear panels and replaced them with Sleek chrome Amber LED units that are on whenever the engine is running therefore improving visibility from the sides and looking far more stylish.
  14. Updated the Indicator LED's to more powerful units.
  15. Installed a SLUK Crap Catcher on the rear of the front fender.
  16. Designed and built a decent Motion Activated Alarm system that can be remotely controlled and is automatically armed when the bike is turned off.   It emits a Very loud High pitched pulsating scream to deter the thieving types :-)  
There are many more small and unobtrusive additions or modifications which I will cover in more detail later.

Left side of the beast

Note New Side Stand and Clean look without the horrible orange plastic graphics.

Left front of the beast

Nice Clean lines.

Left rear

Rear Carrier is small but still useful.

Right side of the bike

Titanium and Carbon Fibre Akropovic Exhaust looks sporty, Improves performance and sounds wonderful with an aggressive deep tone. (db suppressor removed of course) :-)

Right front.

Note extra "S" after all it is a "Super Sport :-) Also the Newly Installed SLUK Crap Catcher on the rear of the front Fender".

Side Stand

Newly Installed Side Stand complete with re-positioned return spring to improve functionality.

Left Front LED

Sleek Chrome Dual Row Amber LED replaces Ugly non functional Piaggio reflectors on Front Fender.

Left rear LED

Sleek Chrome Dual Row Amber LED replaces Ugly non functional Piaggio reflectors on either side of rear bubbles.

Close up shots of the installed Cruise Control.

Release lever on left and larger Thumb set lever nearer to grip.

Release lever on left and larger Thumb set lever nearer to grip.

Brake Lever release.

Brake Lever release.

Brake lever release.

Brake Lever release.

Side view of mechanism.

Side view of mechanism.

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