Homebuilt Stereo Zoom Microscope

This page details the design, construction and building a Stereo Zoom Microscope. This project was needed to work on modern surface mount electronics, as the parts are becoming incredibly small with IC's with pin spacing as small as .02" not being unusual and numbers of pins commonly up to 250 !! Resistors (0201 size for instance) being only .02" long by .01 wide" so you can see why one needs some form of optical assistance in order to diagnose faults on modern PCB's ;-).

Designed after seeing a similar project on the web at: ( http://www.funsci.com/fun3_en/uzoom/uzoom.htm ) using what parts I could find to hand.
The basic unit consists of a pair of old 7 / 40 Binoculars and a 35 to 300mm zoom lens that a friend in the camera repair buisness kindly donated to the cause.
The article I saw utilized bino prisms and these were deemed non suitable due to small size and poor quality. I decided to go with first surface mirrors largely because
I had some old one's that had been retieved from some obsolete equipment.
Here are some pictures to show the project so far, yes it still needs some more work but is getting close now.

More pictures are available so email me if you want more info.
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Page Last Modified: 8 Dec 2004