Report by VA7DB
January 2003.

This page was copied from The Delta Amateur Radio Societies web page (Thanks to Scott Robins)

The last while has been spent at the Delta Amateur Radio club with many of the lads working on building 80-meter Single Side Band QRP transceivers. The project began back in late 2001 and has just been completed at the end of 2002.

The rigs built completely from scratch are called the Epiphyte 2.5 and were designed by Derry Spittle VE7QK.

At 5 watts output they perform remarkably well for local 80 mtr work and have an integrated frequency counter designed by Francesco Morgantini IK3OIL. Here is a photo of the group at completion of the project.

This is a shot of the internals of one of these very individual little radios.

Below is a shot of the author making final adjustments on one of the rigs at the club operating position. (Author on left)

This project and many others undertaken at the club are great fun for all and finally thanks must go to Dino Gueorguiev VE7XDT for technical assistance.

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72 fr nw VA7DB

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