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We are back at it again for the 2008 race season. The 2007 race season was my most forgettable season racing so far. Lets keep it that way ! The weather was bad ! In the 18 years of living in the Vancouver, BC area, this was the worst summer I can remember by far. If there was a dry day of the week it fell on a Monday, unless the Monday was part of a long weekend. In that case, the nice day of the week was Tuesday. The number of weeks where the rain started on Friday evening and stopped on Sunday evening were too many to count. Add to that a few scheduling conflicts, and I managed to put a total of 12 passes on the car all year. Needless to say, the motor remains fresh from the tear-down performed during the winter of 2006. This car will again participate in the 2008 race season at Mission Raceway and the occasional race at the Ashcroft Eagle Motorplex, in British Columbia, Canada.

The car has proven itself to be a solid performer at 10.40 seconds in the spring and fall, and in the mid 10.50s in the dead of the summer heat. Last year I ran a best of 10.375 at 128.55 mph on May 5, 2007. While the engine and trans have been untouched this past winter, I am anticipating some faster times this coming season due to an assortment of changes. Some of the upgrades made to the car this winter are as follows: conversion from front disc brakes to small 9" drum brakes for 20 lb + weight savings and no parasitic drag from the brake shoes; new 15" centerline wheels on all four corners and for the first time the use of a legitimate MT front drag tire (huge weight savings versus the old style aluminum slots); Ron Davis drag race radiator and ceramic coated Hooker Supercomp headers to assist with my overheating issue that become particularly challenging during mid summer racing; Cal-Tracs bars and mono-leaf rear suspension; 4 cylinder front springs to replace the original 6 cylinder springs; sub-frame connectors (should have done this years ago).

The overall combination remains unchanged as follows. The engine is a 0.030 over 401 with stock rods and Arias 13:1 pistons. The heads have had mild bowl work (by Zoltan) and host 2.08" intakes and 1.68" exhaust Manley Extreme Duty valves. The cam is a Comp mechanical with .577 lift. Rockers are Harland Sharp rollers, and the push rods are from Smith Bros. ATI made the balancer, and Mondello manufactured up a custom SFI approved flex plate (in case I ever feel like going 9s - yeah right!). I upgraded to a Milodon 7 litre oil pan with the dual swing pickup assembly. The block oiling system was modified to add extra oil to the back of the cam gallery to enable rpm up to 7000. I am now running a new set of Hooker Supercomp Headers that have just been ceramic coated and look fantastic. The carb is a Holley 850 double pumper. MSD 6AL and a factory electronic distributor provide the spark. The transmission is a Chrysler 904 with an aluminum front drum, Griner valve body and transbrake, and 4500 stall TCS race converter. A custom machined yoke had to be made so that I could move up to the 1350 Spicer U-Joint. The rearend is a 8 3/4" out of an early 70s 'A' Body Dodge. Dutchman axles and a Strange Spool keep the third member in one piece, and the 3.91 gears put the car at 6600 rpm through lights. The largest tires that I could fit on the car without mini wheel tubs were the Mickey Thompson 9.5 x 28 x 15 Drag Slicks. This year for the first time the car will be running on 15" centerline wheels to enjoy a little more of that "Walley Booth" look. Thanks to Chris Glasper for finding me a set of 5 on 4" bolt pattern rear wheels at a swapmeet earlier this year.

The car weighs in at 2435 lbs (2620 lbs with me and a full bladder). The weight reductions were achieved by completely stripping the interior, removing the 40+ lb crash beam from each door, swapping all the glass with Lexan, and replacing the hood with a fiberglass replica of the '71 Hornet S/C 360 hood. The doors and fenders are original steel. The car has stock front suspension setup with 4 cylinder springs and a new Cal-Tracs bars and mono-leaf setup. The 6 point roll bar is legal for the 10s as the floor and fire wall are unmodified. The battery is in the rear, and the fuel cell is in the engine compartment across from the stock battery location. For the most part, this is a relatively primitive car when compared with the other equipment producing similar time slips. Light weight and a short wheel base is the key. In summary, Gremlins make GREAT drag cars!! See you at the track.

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