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For the record, I sold this car to a buddy of mine and he is in the process of doing great things with it. I am keeping the car featured on my site because it is cool and a one-of-a-kind Gremlin.

This 1974 Gremlin X has a great story to tell. In mid-1974 this kid walks into the AMC dealership and drives out in a smokin' hot Black on Black Gremlin 304 with a floor shift auto and a 4.44 rear end. He takes the car to the Mission, B.C. drag strip and ends up breaking the motor, either at the end of the first season or during the following season. He then takes the car back to the dealership to have his engine rebuilt. The dealer offers to sell him a used 401 out of a wrecked Javelin for the same price. Guess what..., the kid goes for it! Next time at the track he gets outlawed for not having the appropriate safety equipment to comply with his new break-neck E.T. He quickly loses interest before modifying the car. He then sells the car to a friend who also loses interest within a year or so. This new owner ends up moving away to go to school, takes a job in the new city, gets married, blah blah blah. The car sits in his mother's garage under a tarp for over 20 years before being rescued.

This car looks as if it has been in a time lock since the mid 1970s. It still has less than 7000 original miles, and the interior is totally flawless. The goal is to return this car to stock condition with a fresh 304 and a 3.15 rear end. The 401 has already been pulled and is ready for more drag racing action (see Gramland Racing Page). In my opinion, this car has achieved 'Cult' status in recent years. Being ahead of its time and under appreciated in the 1970s, this car's body style today seems unusually current and in style. The 5.0 mustangs don't even come close to the originality and appear offered by a mint B on B 304 Gremlin. Get ready for the surprise of your life kids, this 304 is going to blow your 302 away !!

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