Hornet Front
This car has spent the past 10 years of its life as a Bracket Racer competing in the Sportsman category. It sat parked for years prior to this. The history is sketchy to say the least, however, the mileage is low and the body is straight and clean. I have converted the car back to factory correct condition. The interior has been completely reinstalled, traction devices have been removed, and the engine has been removed and reinstalled for the sole purpose of cleaning, detailing and repainting.

The car is equipped with a 360 V8, 904 Transmission and 3.73 gears. It is a 4 wheel manual drum brake car (YIKES!) with manual steering. In keeping with the 'lack of luxury theme' it came from the factory with radio delete and no cigarette lighter. It does have what matters, however, with a 8000 rpm factory tachometer and front and rear factory sway bars.

I look forward to using this car on nice days as a grocery-getter and point A-to-B errand car. Unlike the AMX, this car will not require blessing with Holly Water before driving. It is also not as much of a pig to drive as the Jeep. I hope to get lots of use out of this car.

Hornet Left Side
Hornet Dash
Hornet Engine
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