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I stumbled across this exceptionally clean Jeep at a Chrysler dealership. The story is again unique (anything less would be unsatisfactory). In 1983 this fellow in his late 60s buys this Jeep from the dealership. He and his wife live in White Rock, BC, which is where they spend their winters. They summer in Alaska of all places. The Jeep finds its way to Alaska within the first year, and that is where it lives until 1999. During the winter months, the vehicle is parked in a heated garage. In the summer it is used to bomb around in. 16 years later the fellow, now in his mid 80s, trades the Jeep in at the same dealership for a new vehicle. Don't ask me why he wanted something new as it only had 120,000 km (68,000 miles) on the clock.

The Jeep has the AMC 360 power plant and came with the Select-Track option, enabling the driver to switch from 2 to 4 wheel drive from the comfort of the drivers seat. The seats are leather, and it has every power option available. It is tough keeping gas in it, but it is a great tow vehicle for the Gremland Racing operation. Jean and I slept in the back almost every second weekend last summer when we were spending our time at the races. This vehicle is comfortable, reliable, and has a liberal amount of style. This is the last of the true big 4 wheel drives. All of the new SUVs are toys by comparison.

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