Nancy Orlikow

Expressive Arts Therapist
Registered Art Therapist

Registered Clinical Counsellor

About the Studio

The expressive arts studio is on the third floor in a modern loft live/work space in downtown Langley.  It has a northern exposure with a view of the mountains.  The space is warm and inviting and conducive to individual and group meetings.  There is plenty of street parking available.  As well, it is on a main bus route (see map on contact page).

What to expect in the studio:

Sometimes life can be tricky and complicated and we don't always have the tools to cope with it all.

"I work with clients to first identify their goals for change and then follow up with a plan to attain those goals. I like to work collaboratively with clients to determine what their needs are. I feel that it is a privilege to do this work with people - to be a part of their journey towards health. I am very passionate about the work that I do. I believe in my role and responsibility as a therapist is to create a place of safety, free of judgment, to encourage the taking of risks and to provide a therapeutic container where feelings can be explored. I also believe in each person’s capacity to grow and change, to tap into his or her potential and to locate his or her inner resources. My job as an art therapist is to encourage the client to look at their present situation in a creative way - to open up new possibilities. I believe that most people have a natural tendency to move towards a healthier way of being."

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