Here are the bush planes we built.  They were designed to be able to take off from a very short runway, and climb out at a very high angle of attack.  The trailing link landing combined with oversized wheels was made to take big hits on rough grass runways.  The two identical  prototypes performed exactly as planned.  The fuselage is loosely based on the Prairie Bird embryo class freeflight plane.  The airfoil is highly undercambered, resulting in exceptional lift and slow flight.  The construction is built up balsa and tissue covered.  When doped, the tissue provides protection for your radio gear in light rain and snow.  The planes are very light and manuverable allowing to fly in tight areas.


Wingspan = 36"

Weight (empty) = 2oz

Motor = GWS IPS

Battery = Etec 1200mah (~2.2oz) or Polyquest 600mah (1oz)

Servos = 2x 6g or 9g


for more pictures see here.