In 1954, the XFY-1 was made to be a VTOL fighter that was intended to be able to take off from any non-aircraft carrier boat. It proved to be too demanding on the pilot to land, and for that and other reasons, the project was scrapped. This year, on November 2nd, is the 50th anniversary of VTOL flight, when "Skeets" Coleman preformed for the first time ever, a vertical take off, transition to horizontal flight, and then back to vertical with a landing. I built this model to celebrate this first in aviation.

Here are the specs:
wingspan = 17.5"
motor = 17T brushless from with the N50 magnet upgrade
prop = gws direct drive 8x4
battery = polyquest 600mah
servos = 4x Draganfly 6g
controls - rudder, elevon, throttle

AUW - 6.25oz


The pogo flies very well.  Vertical take with transition to horizontal flight is easy and looks outstanding.  The airplane rolls perfectly axially, with no tendency what-so-ever to drop its nose or change its flying orientation in any way.  Vertical landings take a lot of practice, I have yet to master this myself, but are plenty do-able for experienced flyers.


Click here to see pictures and videos of the Pogo