SEASON 03 – EPISODE 8 – When Good Fellows Get Together.

KAOS releases Gropo the killer robot. His mission: Destroy Hymie.


Max has snuck into a KAOS laboratory where Gropo the KAOS robot is being stored. As he is a about to leave four KAOS agents enter. They see Max so he pretends he is a KAOS Agent too. KAOS Boss Spinoza and Dr Ratton enter and call all the agents over to Gropo.
Spinoza – “Gentlemen. Dr Ratton and I have asked you here for a very vital reason. The only organization that stands in the way of our total world domination is CONTROL. They have one thing that gives them an edge. Do any of you know what that is?”
Max looks smug – “Maxwell Smart. Secret Agent 86.”
All the KAOS Agents start laughing.
Spinoza – “No. The one thing that gives CONTROL the upper hand is Hymie the robot.”
While Spinoza goes on to demonstrate Gropo Dr Ratton approaches Max.
Dr Ratton – “You look very familiar. Have we met before?”
Max – “That’s possible, but I usually wear glasses.” He pulls off Dr Ratton’s thick glasses and puts them on. “There. Does that help?”

When he is discovered Max pulls out his gun and grabs the control unit for Gropo. Max orders “Gropo. Destroy the building!” As all the KAOS agents fight with Gropo he then adds “Live it up kid.”


Agent 42 – “You don’t think Hymie has a chance against Gropo?”
Max – “Gropo has all the latest innovations. I hate to say it, but Hymie is depreciated.”
Agent 42 – “But Hymie is unique.”
Max – “According to the latest CONTROL bluebook we could trade Hymie even for a 1956 Edsel.”

Hymie takes things literally.
Max – “Hymie, you better hop on down to the Lab.” Hymie does.

Max and Hymie are going to race.
Max – “On your mark… Set…”
Hymie sits down on the ground.
Max – “Not sit! Set!”

Hymie has just been upgraded. His new springs are very powerful.
Max – “How do you feel?”
Hymie – “I’m alright.”
Dr Harris – “Test your arms.”
Hymie – “How?”
Dr Harris – “Make a muscle.”
Hymie flexes his arm and the springs are so strong that he punches himself in the face.
Max – “Will you stop that! Do you want to dent your head?”

Max, Agent 42 and Dr. Harris are sleeping in a cabin. Max’s shoe phone begins ringing and wakes them. Max is groggy and grabs Dr Harris’s foot and lifts it to his ear. He realises that it is the wrong shoe. “Oh… Sorry about that, Harris.”

Hymie has decided that he doesn’t want to be reprogrammed for evil in order to fight Gropo and run off.
Dr Harris – “I guess that means we’ve had it.”
Max – “No it does not. Not yet we haven’t. Hymie was pushed into this by the forces of greed and evil. It’s up to us to stay here and see that those forces are wiped off the face of the Earth forever. I will fight Gropo!”
Dr Harris – “You can’t!”
Max – “Right. Hmm, how about you Harris? You look in pretty good shape.”

Max, Harris and Agent 42 are at the Ghost Town where Gropo is.
Max – “We don’t know where Gropo is. If you find him just sing out.”
Max goes into a building and then comes flying out a window.
Max – “I found him!”

Max goes up to Gropo – “Ok Gropo that’s it. You’re under arrest. Assault with a deadly weapon. Operating without a robot’s licence..”
Gropo straight arms Max and he falls to the ground.
Max – “And pushing!”


Hymie refuses to fight even when Gropo is destroying him, but when Gropo threatens Max Hymie steps in to rescue him.