Chris Heward

Actor of Film, Television

Actor Story

Currently working as an actor for film and television.  Also, working as an acting coach for beginners entering television and film.

I got into acting for film and television a couple of years after I started out as a comedian.  I got asked to audition for a reality series being filmed in my area.  I got on the show based on the lives of 6 people dealing with weight managment.  6 months of filming, I knew I liked being in front of the camera.  I found a casting director to ask what the process was to get in films.  He said I can start you this week.   WoW!!  I was happy.  I started studying acting so I could get into more film and television.  I started auditioning with great luck!  I became a working actor.  In the fall of 2007 I was asked to take over teaching a weekly, intro to acting, workshop downtown for models and actors wanting to start out in film and television.  Also in 2007 I started studying voice acting and I am loving that too.

About Me

I started:

Comedain 2001          Actor 2003                     Voice Actor 2007        Acting Coach 2007

I continue to study, learn, and practice Comedy, Acting, and Voice Acting.