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Comedy Story

Hello Folks.
This is the short story of “ME”.
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Here's How it Went:


    I grew up on a small ranch out on the Prairies.  My first pet was a Bull, I taught it to sit, lay down, and come when you call, his name was Baron.  I played Hockey, Captain of the Football team, Soccer, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Tennis, Chess Club, I love playing pool, and many other sports that other children play.  As I grew up I rode horses, motorcycles and eventually got to drive a Porsche.  Like a lot of other students, I graduated High School, I then completed a Business Management degree before I decided to obtain a hairstylist license.  For years I worked for myself as an Entrepreneur.  I had 16 employees between a Go-Kart track called G-Force Amusements, and a Music company franchise called Garry Robertson Music.   I hung around with the Osmond boys in my teenage years during the summers.  I had many jobs before and during all that, but that's another movie.

    Anyway, I believe my life started moments after the millennium party.  That is when I stumbled into Edmonton.  I was on a one month tour of Western Canada for fun.  The moment I hit this northern gem of a town I realized that Edmonton wanted me to stay, and together we could do great things.  I immediately felt like family there. 

    I arrived in to Edmonton at nine in the morning, by ten I had found work as a Barber.  At five in the afternoon that day I moved into my new apartment without a couch, without a chair, without a bed, and without a plan.  I became familiar with my new city over the next few months.   I had some previous experience as a disc jockey before moving to Edmonton.  With that experience I started working as a Karaoke host to help pay the costs of living in the city.
Later that year on my nights off , I began going to Yuk Yuks Comedy club in the West Edmonton Mall.  I had never seen a real comedy show other than on Television.  As it happened, that night was amateur night at the comedy club.  I went there every week and began to realize that some of these people had no hope of being a comedian, and yet they were on stage at one of the most prestigious clubs in the country. 
I asked the waiter what the process was for these guys to get on stage.  I had a feeling the "screener" was doing a bang up job.  I guess the waiter thought i was interested in getting on and sent the manager over to my table.  She introduced herself as Chrysi and asked if there was a problem.  I told her no, I was just wondering how these guys were getting on stage week after week.  She told me to come out next week two hours before show time and I could take a workshop from the headliner of the week, and if at the end of it I was interested, I could sign up to get on stage.  ANDDD!!! I would get in free to the show when I came to the workshops!  That was the kicker!!  Free show! and all I had to do was show up early and hang out with the comedian!  I had a feeling that I couldn't do worse than most of these amateur comedians.  I began hanging around in comedy clubs, and six months later I told my first on-stage joke to a live audience in a comedy competition called "The battle of Alberta".  I was disqualified from the competition for doing too much time after the light went on.

I could not believe that people laughed at thoughts that had come out of my head.  I signed up for another round and I began to write with the intention of writing comedy for money.  I was lucky to be noticed quickly as having potential and, as they called it, Great Stage Presence.  A few months later I met a person who, on television's “Just For Laughs”, has billed as the King of Canadian Comedy, Mike MacDonald.  Mike is one of the most helpful, funny, brightest, and most experienced headliners I had met.  He had seen me on stage one night and he took the time to pull me aside and to sit down with me for a couple of hours and helped me to understand how to write, edit, and perform comedy.  It was the greatest break I could have encountered in Comedy at that time.  Within 2 weeks of that I had made my first money for stage comedy and began touring around Canada.  I started to realize that I might actually have a shot at this comedy thing if I start to take it seriously!!  I worked and wrote, and hoped for the next break.  Not long after that George Carlin came to town and I was the only comedian in my area lucky enough to get to meet him in person.   Carlin is a comedy legend and I had met him right at the beginnings of my comedy career.  Next, I was taken to New York by comedian from my area, and saw a whole new side of working comedy.  I met a load of comedians there, most notably Colin Quinn who was sitting with Robert Kline (Comedy Legend).  Colin was the most friendly person, he helped me by writing down the name of comedy clubs with phone numbers and names of bookers to help me out.  And Buddy showed me around and helped with introductions, and taught me about the cabs in the city. 
I came back from New York and
inadvertently auditioned for my first T.V. program I did.  It is called Taking It Off III, on the life network (An Alliance Atlantis network).  A few months later Jerry Seinfeld came to Edmonton, again I got to meet a comedy legend very early in my career, although very very briefly.  Jerry, as I like to call him, wished me luck with my comedy.  What better blessing can you get?  It was not even two years into my comedy career and I have been able to meet so many people who I had only seen on television before and now I have actually got to meet them!  It is a dream come true.

    I have worked as a comedian, singer, barber, and now I filmed my first television show, Taking It OFF III which is shown on the Alliance Atlantis network called the "Life Network" in Canada.   I have also started taking flight lessons, in 2003, to become a Pilot, which has always been a huge dream for me.
    Another break for me came when the “Just For Laughs” people called to
ask me to showcase me for their festival in Montreal.  It is one of the most prestigious honors in Canadian comedy to be invited to “Just For Laughs”.
    The next break came, one week later, in the form of a one month Canadian tour, as the opening act, with the "KING of Canadian Comedy" Mike MacDonald.  Mike is not just a great comedian.  He is a great guy.  I could not have been on the road with a better person.  He is a real class act.  I hope that everyone at some point gets a chance to see Mike live.
    I am currently working on scripts and television show ideas to develop them into some cutting edge future entertainment, and my biggest dream is to become an working actor.  From the moment I arrived in Edmonton my professional life became instantly successful and has remained that way to this day.
    I expect to keep working hard and keep moving ahead!  With your help of course.  Luck  is on my side so far in the entertainment  industry,  I  talked to the  people from  "Sex, Tools, and Chocolate" and they were immediately interested in having me screen test at Alliance Atlantis studios, which coincidently on the map they sent me is, located on 65 HEWARD St in Toronto.  I didn't even know I had a street!
    Luck strikes again, I auditioned and got a small part in a movie called "Santa's Slay"
in which old St. Nick turns out to be a devil who only kept his bad side in check after losing a wager with an angel. Now, both the bet and Santa's good cheer are over.
The movie is written and will be directed by David Steiman, who was Assistant Director on "Red Dragon" (Anthony Hopkins), "Rush Hour" (Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker), and "The Family Man" (Nicholas Cage).

At this point I have already fulfilled many of my dreams, and done things I never thought I was capable of!
I can not wait to see what happens next!
I hope you stick around and watch too!
I want people to see me in 10 years and say, "Wow, this guy has gotten better at what he does, this man has not stopped, this man works on his craft, and I can't wait to see what he does next!".

Next I got a background part in the CTV made for television movie, "Selling Innocence".

I continued to build up the resume in acting for film and television.  I studied acting and practice.  I was then asked to teach acting workshops on a weekly basis to aspiring new actors.  I also started studying voice acting (voice over).  I hired coaches and practice to improve myself.  A crazy twist of fate had me looking for auditions online.  I found a breakdown for an independent film in my area.  I met with the producer/director of the film about doing his film.  His name was Mark Twitchell.  He said he was putting me in his film.  I was interested in doing for the reason that he said next year he was getting an actual budget for filming his next project from Warner Bros.  He said he was going to have some cameo's by some major stars like Justin Timberlake, Alec Baldwin, and Jeff Goldbloom.  I was excited to do work with him on the small independant in the hopes that he would like me and take me with him on his bigger project the following year.  He said he wanted to help that way by giving up and comers like me a chance to work and be seen by the biggest pros.  That was it for me, I said I was in.  Unfortunalty........Mark Twitchell was not just filming, he was aspiring to be a serial killer.  (here is a part where I will fill in more details after his murder trial)  The police arrested Mark and he is in Jail for 1st degree murder.  I auditioned for a 52 episode voice animation project at this time.  I booked that a 52 episode anime series!!  I then went to hollywood and studied with more voice acting coaches.  while in hollywood i was asked to do comedy at the prestigious "Laugh Factory" on Sunset Blvd.  I opened up for Comedian/Actor Dane Cook and some guys from "Mad TV" Bobbie Lee, and Arie Spears, on my first show in hollywood.  tThe crowd went wild and Disney's ABC taped the show.  The owner of The Laugh Factory Jamie Massada pulled me aside after that first show!  Jamie told me that The Laugh Factory was now my home club when I am in L.A.!  Jamie told me that I had an open invitation to play his club anytime I wanted too!  He also said he was going to help me in my comedy carreer now!  I then asked him if I could get a picture with him at this moment in my life.  While they took the picture Jamie Massada pointed at me and said, "This guy is going to be Number ONE"!!  This is the owner of one of the top 3 comedy clubs in North America and he just gave me opportunity and thinks I will be number one someday!!  OMG!!  With having an amazing set for my first time in Hollywood to Jamie taking me on at the club, to the crowd asking for autographs and pictures with me... I didn't know if it could ever be better!  I went back to L.A. a few months later to perform at his club again.  One of the comedians I met in L.A. asked me to come and do a set Saturday night at Universal Studios John Lovitz comedy club.  The other comedian said I will get you on if you come over there, he said I will either get you a spot or give you mine, but one way or the other, you are going on at Jon Lovitz club Saturday night!  I went and did the show after I left the Laugh Factory.  When I finished my set at Lovitz a couple of staff members talked to me and said they thought I was very funny!  They asked me if I would come back that week on Wednesday and open for John Lovitz HIMSELF on his show!!!  WHAT!! YES!! I told them I would find out my schedule at the Laugh Factory that week and if I had that night off, I of course would do it!!  I did go to do the show and meet JON LOVITZ for the first time.  He is a Saturday night Live, Television, Film, and comedy LEGEND and I was goin to be on his show!  We did the show and the staff there told me I had an open invitation to play when I came back to L.A.  Frank (co-owner/Manager) told me just to call him when I came to town.  My first two trips to Hollywood opened me two major comedy clubs in L.A!!  WoWWW!!  I will continue to go back and forth and play the clubs there! I have now played The Comedy Store as well!  I have been hiring voice over coaches in L.A. and working on doing more Voice work.  Finding Voice acting very... "My Style" I decided to build a studio for recording.  I took my inspiration for the studio design from the late voice actor Don Lafontaine (also known as "THE VOICE OF GOD")  I consulted with George Whittham, the sound engineer that built Don's Studio, and built my studio.  I love voice acting, I love acting, I love comedy.  I continue to try and improve all the time and move forward.  I got an acting role that led to working with a film maker who was accused of murder.  I may be lucky to be alive.  One thing I know for sure... where I go... Adventure follows.

The Mark Twitchell murder trial has now started and I am in a world of head spinning thinking about how close I came to missing out on all of this opportunity.  I may have been killed and never have known the opportunities I have been succeeding at today... unbelievable...

I returned to L.A. to

I can't stress enough that if you have a dream, find a way to get involved in that dream.  Just start anywhere and work your way up (or down depending on where you start, lol).
I have entered a comedy career that I really didn't know if I could succeed at.  Now I get paid to do it.  I have seen most of the country and some of the United States Including New York and Los Angeles!  It is unbelievable to me, a kid who came from a small ranch in Manitoba, to be meeting and working with some of the best entertainers you see on television.  No one thinks they will actually meet these people.  Let alone share a car ride to a comedy show that you are doing together.  Yet, somehow, here I am doing it?!?  WOW!!  I can't believe it.  Point is, if you have a dream, do something about it.  I only wished that I had started doing comedy as a teenager.

I have a huge desire to help as many people as I can in my lifetime.  I think the best way I can do it right now is through comedy.

I have made so many talented friends and I am developing with a great team of writers and talent.   Hopefully you continue to see my work on television and movies and enjoy all my future projects.

I thank my mother for always being there for me.  I hope to make her proud some day.

Also, thank you to all my friends and family.

Special thanks to my uncle Andre for helping me to make this web site possible.

I look forward to meeting all of YOU!!  Thanks for taking the  time to read through my  website.

Oh, and if I never become "known", then this website was probably a waste of your time.  If I do get known, then you can say you heard it right here, straight from me.

   Proud to be your Entertainer.

        Your Friend.




What's next!???

  • Have idea's what I should do next... feel free to let me know!  Until then I press on.