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Chris Heward Comedian

It's one of those things where your trying to figure out what the hell to do with your life.  The problem was I never listened when people said, "you should be a comedian".  I thought that was just something you say when people tell you a joke.  Then one day the opportunity came up to be a Comedian.  Guess I should have listened earlier.


I was going to the comedy club every week on my day off.  One day I had the urge to ask the waiter how the amateur comedians got picked to go on stage week.  I guess she thought I was asking if I could go on.  I was not.  She told me to come out on amateur nite next week before the show and meet with the headliner for a workshop, and then I would find out if I could go on stage or not.  She said that if I came I would not have to pay cover for going to the show.  That was the kicker, show up early, listen, get in free!!

Touring Comedian

It was so fast that I became a working touring Comedian it made my head spin.  Now I have toured the country and even hit some of the hot spots in other countries doing comedy.  I have had so much fun with audiences and industry and I continue to have fun without even knowing where comedy will take me next.