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  • RoofTop Comedy website posted me as one of their daily top 8 featured acts twice in the fall of 2008
    Daily Top 8
    Everyday RoofTop Comedy posts their staff's top 8 picks of comedians from around the world.  I didn't even know they filmed me until they contacted me to let me know they were very impressed with my persona.
  • ABC/DISNEY Showcase filming at "THE LAUGH FACTORY" on Sunset Blvd. Hollywood.  December 2008
    Live filmed show
    ABC/DISNEY asked me to perform for their camera's while opening up for Dane Cook, Bobbie Lee (Mad T.V) and Aries Spears (Mad T.V. and Last Comic Standing).  The show could not have went better and I have been invited back to the "Laugh Factory" as a regular guest there!  I was pretty excited!