My Voice Adventure


I had always enjoyed playing with the voices in my head. I just know what to do with them and never knew how to get into voice acting or who to talk to about it.  Then one day I met a guy who worked in the voice over industry doing radio ads.  I started asking him questions when ever I saw him.  I didn't ask too much each time as I didn't want him to think I was trying to become competition for him and not answer my questions.  Well I did want to become competition, not personally for him, but in the industry of voice acting.  After a few times of speaking to him about it.  He realized I am interested in getting in the business and gave me the contact info of a voice acting coach.


Wanting Learning And Working

I wanted to become a voice actor so I contacted my first voice coach.  I got involved in a weekend workshop geared toward animation.  I found something I knew I wanted to by the end of the weekend.  From there I began trying to learn more, the more I learned and practiced the more I wanted to learn and practice.  I then started to look for work.  It worked and I continue to learn practice and work.  Working was a whole new level of learning.  There is nothing better than having a great sound engineer and director bringing out the best in a performance.  I auditioned for a 52 episode animation and was thrilled to find out I landed the part.  I had been thinking of building my own home recording studio but wanted to make sure that my enjoyment of the business was not just a passing fancy.  I received an email about the failing health of Voice Actor Don Lafontaine.  I did not know who he was by name but after googling his work I found that having a home studio could be very rewarding.  I started researching home studio setups.  With the confidence of the new part I had just gotten I decided to build the studio. I then found myself in Hollywood meeting and training with some of the best talents in the business.  I look forward to continue to work and learn.


  • Voice of Announcer in the upcoming film "Kat's Cradle"
  • Currently working on the 52 episode series of upcoming "Deltora Quest" as the voice of "Jared".

Voice Actor Chris Heward