Voice Actor Chris Heward

With such a passion for acting, and a voice that was made to be directed, I became a voice actor.  YOUR PRODUCTION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF YOUR BUSINESS!  GET THE TALENT YOUR PRODUCT DESERVES.

Your Voice Your Way!

Constantly practicing and training between projects so that I can adapt to the voice need of the client.  I constantly try to improve and learn so that the range of projects I can be available for is ever expanding.  The main goal of training and practice and work is so that I can help make your voice project produce the proper effects you need for your target market.  Please browse the headings above for more info, service, news, contact info, and samples.

Production Value:

  • Animation
  • Imaging
  • Promo/Trailer
  • Commercial
  • Narration
  • Audio Books

Chris Heward (inset), Popular Voice Actor catering to the world with his unique voice and passion for the production.

"Training, Practice, and the Art of being directable has made Chris an asset who is easy to work with"!.