BC Rug Hooking Supplies & Instruction
in traditional rug hooking

by Angela Possak
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Take one of Angela's classes for beginners, intermediate & advanced hookers for groups of four or more (private sessions upon request). Angela teaches all aspects of rug hooking including wide cut, primitive and fine cut.

Come and participate in one of her workshops, or invite her to travel to your location. If interested in a rug hooking workshop for you group/community, contact Angela.



Rug hooking classes are available in the following subjects:
Whimsical Heart, Summer Joy, Can-Am, Joy of Spring, Run, Clovelly Cottage, Just Pansies, Stained Glass, Portland Lights Revisited, Celtic Rug (see Gallery).







Your rug is hand hooked with 100% wool and can be used on the floor or hung on the wall.

Never leave your rugs in direct sunlight; they will fade just like any other fabric.

Keep your rugs away from cats and dogs; they can do a lot of damage to a hand hooked rug!

When cleaning is required, you can brush lightly, or use a hand vac or a lint roller.

For spot cleaning use warm soapy water and pat clean with a cotton cloth. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Clear Ivory dishwashing liquid is good for that.

In winter you can snow clean your rug. Take it outside and cover it with snow. Sweep the snow around the rug with a light weight broom. Do both sides.

The rug will be slightly damp; leave it on a drying rack until dry: this will prevent mildew.

You can also have your rug professionally dry cleaned.

When storing your rug wrap it in a cotton sheet. This allows it to breathe.

Always roll your rug with the right side out; this will ensure that it will lay flat when it's back on the floor.

Angela Possak