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Only the rich never have to seek out their relatives. Proverb.

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The Scahill and Johnson Family History Pages

Your Genial Hosts Are Allan and Gloria Scahill



Our Mission:

To assist like minded persons, who have an interest in genealogy, and would like to contact others who either have the same name, Scahill or Johnson, or would like to share or exchange information on ancestral backgrounds via a Scahill *gedcom or Johnson *gedcom file.

*Not sure what a gedcom is? Check out the details.

Personal Profile:

I have been an amateur genealogist for 27 years, and have had a genealogical website since 1997. I started genealogy because I was intrigued about my heritage and who my ancestors were.

Not having any clear memories of either of my grandfathers, Austin Scahill or Albert Johnson, other than being held over Austin's coffin. I needed to know where they came from, what they did and were there any other members of their families.

Scahill Name Certificate:

View the Scahill family name certificate. This certificate tells you where the name originated, the history and the probable origin of the family name. The name may date to 1170 AD. The certificate also includes a reference to a Coat Of Arms.


The Scahill Pages:

A Blog for people with the Scahill name or Scahill ancestors.

This Blog also has important and interesting links for genealogists in general.




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I never realized, until I started writing this blog, how many Scahill's were clergy in the Catholic church! I have more blog posts to come with other names and details.


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