Allan Scahill's County Mayo, Lancashire and Cheshire Roots

Only the rich never have to seek out their relatives. Proverb.


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The Scahill Tiny Tafel

Tiny Tafels are a way of indicating which families one is interested in. They can be read by human beings, but they can also be read by computers, and matched with other Tiny Tafels to find common interests.

The header gives information about the researcher and how to contact him or her name, address, phone and so on. The body gives information like this:

S400 1800*1992*SCAHILL\Westport,County Mayo,Ireland/Medicine Hat,Ab,Canada

The S400 is a Soundex code, enabling computers to match names that sound alike, but which may be spelt differently.

Then follows the earliest and latest birth dates for members of that family in the researcher's records. The * and : symbols have the following meanings:

* the researcher is very interested in this family

: the researcher is moderately interested

. the researcher is slightly interested

A blank after the date means the researcher not interested at all. The interest level symbol that follows the first date indicates how interested one is in finding out more about the ancestors in that line, and after the second date it shows how interested one is in finding out more about the descendants in that line.

The place names indicate the places of birth of the oldest and youngest persons in that line that the researcher has a record of.


N Allan Scahill
A 477 12th Street NE
A Medicine Hat
A Alberta
A Canada
A T1A-5V3
S E-mail:
T 403-526-1753
C Broad Band
D 3/CD/700MB
F PAF 2.31/Ancestral Quest 1.0
R Searching for the SCAHILL name anywhere in the world.
R Contact me for names of interest.
Z 20 Tiny Tafel Editor v2.00
B400 1820*1839*BALL\Lancashire,England/Loiston,Lancashire,England
B630 1917:1950:BRADE\Galt,Ontario,Canada/Weaste,Salford,Lancashire,England
C250 1895:1924:CASSIN\Lancashire,England/Salford,Lancashire,England
C165 1882*1885*COBURN\Pendleton,Salford,Lancashire,England/UNKNOWN
C625 1820*1841*CURRIGAN\County Mayo,Ireland/Ballyhip,Louisburgh,County Mayo,Ireand
D300 1905:1992:DOWD\Lancashire,England/Macclesfield,Cheshire,England
F432 1820:1830:FLETCHER\Salford,Lancashire,England/UNKNOWN
G420 1820*1874*GILES\Salford,Lancashire,England/Salford,Lancashire,England
H235 1880*1880*HASTON\Westport,County Mayo,Ireland/Castlebar,Co.Mayo,Ireand
H235 1880*1909*HESTON\Westport,County Mayo,Ireland/Castlebar,Co.Mayo,Ireand
H325 1905:1927:HUTCHINSON\Salford,Lancashire,England/Salford,Lancs.,England
J216 1918:1946:JACOBER\Schuler,Alberta,Canada/Schuler,Alberta,Canada
J525 1820*1903*JOHNSON\Salford,Lancashire,England/Salford,Lancashire,England
P623 1900.1946.PROCTOR\Lancashire,England/Swinton,Lancashire,England
R400 1792:1800*REILLY\County Mayo,Ireland/UNKNOWN
R152 1930:1959:ROBINSON\Swinton,Lancashire,England/Swinton,Lancashire,England
S400 1800*1810*SCAHIL,SKAHILL\County Mayo,Ireland/County Mayo,Ireland
S400 1800*1992*SCAHILL\Westport,County Mayo,Ireland/Medicine Hat,Ab,Canada
S440 1800*1810*SKILHILL\County Mayo,Ireland/County Mayo,Ireland
W630 1820*1830*WARD\County Mayo,Ireland/UNKNOWN
W 21 Oct. 2005

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