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The Scahill Families In The Westport Area In 1856


The Scahill Name History Certificate

In the ninetenth century there were a number of Scahill Families in the Westport area, i.e. the parishes of *Oughaval, Kilmena and Aghagower.

It is probable that all were related to some degree, but unfortunately records for this part of the country are neither old enough, nor explicit enough to allow any degrees of kinship be established.

The General Valuation of Rateable Property,1856, is the first source giving the name of landholders and tenants through out the entire country. From this source it is apparent that there were fourteen Scahill households around Westport, the most of which were in the Murrisk area.

The town of Westport lies mostly in the parish of Oughaval (pronounced "Oak-wall"), and partly in the parish of Kilmeena.

The parish of Aghagower comes within a mile of the town and so, any enquiry concerning Westport requires the records for each of these three parishes to be searched.

Scahills In Oughaval civil parish, 1856:

Bryan, Durless

Catherine, Deerpark West

James, Bellataleen, land in Murrisknaboll

Michael, Murrisknaboll, land in Bellataleen

Patrick, Murrisknaboll, land in Bellataleen and Carrowkeeran

Peter, Carrowkeeran

William, Fahburren

*Oughaval - Parish number 33 on the South Mayo Civil Parishes map.

Scahills In Kilmena civil parish, 1856:

John, Inishgort, Clew Bay

*Kilmena - Parish number 25 on the South Mayo Civil Parishes map.

Scahills In Aghagower civil parish, 1856:

Austin, Boheh

Edmond, Cordarragh South

John, Corveigh Lower, land in Codarragh South

Lawrence, Corveigh Lower

Francis, Knappagh More

Mary, Knappagh Beg

*Aghagower - Parish number 1 on the South Mayo Civil Parishes map.

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