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1996 Christmas Newsletter




Date: December 1, 1996

Dear Family and Friends:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to your family from mine. This past year has been an eventful one.

On January 25th, Lloyd Jacober died. Lloyd was the brother of my wife Gloria and was 54 years old when he passed away. The funeral service was held at Saamis Memorial Funeral Chapel in Medicine Hat, on Wednesday January 31st 1996.

On April 18th my mother died. I was at the airport in Medicine Hat when I received the news. I was hoping to make it to her bedside, but it was not to be.

The obituary for my mother appeared in the Manchester Evening News on April 19, 1996. It shown her name as Green, a name she never liked and from a marriage late in life that was not a happy one. It was members of her immediate family, me included, that suggested she marry Arthur Green. We all thought the company would be great for her, but it was not to be. There was only one man in her life and that was my dad, she loved him to the end and thought of him every day.

The funeral service for my mum was held at Overdale Crematorium in Bolton on Thursday 24th April, 1996. The reading was given by her granddaughter, Julie Hayes nee Scahill.

On April 26 my brother Brian, my niece Debra (Audreyís daughter) and myself laid my motherís ashes to rest in the plot at Weaste Cemetery where my dad is buried. We also placed Audrey ashes there too. In fact we blended them together. Finally Audrey had her wish be buried with her dad and my mum had both of them next to her again. We said a couple of words each and had a moment of silence to remember the good times. If ever you wish to visit the grave, the plot number is 872N and is marked with a stone with Scahill on it. May they all Rest in Peace.

In February we finally received our new Doberman pup. We named her Maia, although her kennel name is "Jurassic Park Sleeps Late". This name was given to her by the breeder, not us! As you probably know we are Doberman people and this is our third one. We had to get her from Edmonton, which is a six-hour drive north of Medicine Hat. We were lucky enough not to have to drive there and back, Shakespeare, Maiaís brother was bought by a young lady her in the "Hat" and she picked them both up. Sherry, the owner of Shakespeare has now become a good friend of ours and both siblings meet quite often.

On July 20th Gloria reached that magical age of 50. I was able to get my own back on her for what happened to my last year. The week before her birthday we had a surprise party for her. The party was held at my sonís place. The premise was to baby-sit our grandchildren for about an hour prior to going to the Moose Lodge. The look on her face when we walked into the garden and she saw all the people was precious. I have to thank Holly, my daughter-in-law and Jackie my niece for making all the arrangements and cooking some good food. On Gloriaís birthday we went to Kalispell, Montana. We made it a long weekend and stayed at a golf resort. I think Gloria was glad to get out of town, before something else happened. Weather, food, accommodation and company were great. My golf, well thatís another story...

On November 16 I went to Atlanta, Georgia for a week on a computer conference. It was for the computer system we use at work. I managed to buy some Olympic souvenirs at fire sale prices and a good supply of Cajun and Creole spices. While I was there, the weather here in Medicine Hat turned quite cold. In fact it the temperature in Atlanta was a balmy 16 Celsius and back her in the Hat it was minus 31 Celsius. I really felt kind of guilty for not being here :-)

Well, Iíll close now and hope we can all meet again sometime. Do keep in touch.

For any of you that are on the "Net" my e-mail addresses are at the top.

Peace On Earth

With love and best wishes. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Best wishes from Allan and Gloria.

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