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1998 Christmas Newsletter



Date: December 1998

Hello Family and Friends:

A very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Yearís from my family to yours. May 1999 be a memorable year for you.

The year began with a shock. My brother Brian died on March 25th at the age of 62. He had just picked up his morning newspaper from the paper shop and as usual had his dog Lucy with him. He had a sudden and massive heart attack on the street. A Carol Mosey who worked as a nurse at a local clinic assisted him, but Brianís attack was so severe Carol was unable to help Brian. Gary, my son. Jackie, my niece and myself, all flew to England for the funeral. Brian was cremated at Overdale Crematorium on Chorley Old Road, Bolton on Wednesday 1 April, 1998. Graham Townshend, and myself read the eulogies. Graham is the brother of Phil Townshend, Brianís son-in-law. Phil was unable to attend but sent along a message he wanted reading. I thought I had everything under control, but Philís words read by Graham had a deep impact on me and I was unable to keep it together during the reading of my farewell. Some of Brian's ashes were buried at Weaste Cemetery, Salford, Lancashire, England, on April 6, 1998. The remainder were brought back to Canada and placed at a spot in a local park called Police Point. Brian loved walking here and sitting watching the birds on the river. Now when we go there for a walk, which for me is most evenings with my dog, we sit and chat to Brian for a little while. Itís a lovely spot and we know that Brian is content and at peace.

This Christmas will be spent in Montana. Cora. Gloriaís sister. Has a time-share condominium at a place called Whitefish. Itís a golfing and ski resort. Cora and Dan, her husband, have kindly invited us down. Jackie, Phil and their children Robert and Jenny will be joining us. We all leave here on December 24th and return the 27th. Neither Gloria nor myself ski, so it will be just a relaxing vacation.

Next year will be our 25th wedding anniversary. We will be vacationing with some friends of ours who will also be celebrating their 25th anniversary. We plan on spending just about a month in Ireland, leaving here on the 1st of July. Our anniversary is in May and Bill and Brenda are in August. Brenda is a teacher so is unable to get away from work until the end of June. Bill and Brenda also have a time share condo and have managed to switch for a week in Killarney and a week in Galway. The other two weeks will be spent touring and bed and breakfasting it. We will be taking our golf clubs of course. Speaking of golf I was lucky enough to get another hole-in-one this year, my second so far.

This year Gloria assisted with putting on a family re-union. They are held every three years, alternating between different places in both Canada and the United States. This time it was held in Canada on July 10, 11 and 12th, and the Medicine Hat family members put it on. We had 139 people from three Canadian provinces and eight US states. The farthest coming from Florida. They rented a sports arena in a little town called Irvine, about 20 km from Medicine Hat. The area outside of the arena was filled with motor homes and campers. Everyone enjoys seeing and speaking to relatives they have not seen for quite some time.

In August we held the Canadian Senior Games here in Medicine Hat. Both Gloria and myself volunteered for the games. We also acted as sponsors and took in a couple from Manitoba who were taking part in the indoor carpet bowling.

Well thatís about all the news for this year. Take care and best wishes

Peace On Earth

With love and best wishes. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Best wishes from Allan and Gloria.

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