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2000 Christmas Newsletter



Date: December, 2000

Both Gloria and I both hope that year 2000 was a happy and prosperous one for you and all the members of your family.

As usual we got off to an early start around our home. In February I commenced demolishing our basement and stripped everything down to the bare cement walls. The previous décor was dark paneling and the walls had no insulation behind them. We turned three pokey little rooms into one large one. We also installed a new bathroom, gas fired furnace, central air conditioning and a fireplace. The air conditioning was turned on just in time for one the hottest summers on record. It took until September before we were able to use the space again. I would also like to thank my friend Bill Osadchy for his invaluable help, guidance and knowledge on home renovations and to my nieces husband Phil, and for the great plumbing job he performed.

In April we spent a week with some friends of ours in Lake Havasu, Arizona. This is the resort where the old London Bridge now resides. An American developer purchased the bridge in the late 1960's and transported it back to the Arizona desert. It now sits astride a man made channel that feeds into a man made lake.

My son Gary became a Canadian Citizen in July. Last September he went back to college to study for computer-aided design. This training will complement his 3rd class ticket in Steam Engineering, which he obtained this year. I'm extremely impressed with his ability to grasp the mathematics that is required for this course. I wish I could say that he inherited this trait from me.

Holly, Gary's wife started a new job this year. She now works for a large building supplies warehouse. If ever I have to do a job around the house, Holly is one of the first people I speak too on what I need to accomplish it. The customers also appreciate her knowledge. In October she was employee of the month.

In September, my sister-in-law Doreen came to Canada for three weeks. She stayed with Jackie her daughter. The two of them did some serious female bonding in Las Vegas for four days. We also held a surprise 60th birthday party for her at Montana's Steak House. The results of this party can be viewed on my web page under "Recent Family Photographs".

One year ago, Gloria made a bet with her sister Cora. Gloria waged a trip to Vancouver, if Cora would stop smoking for one year. On October 12 to 15th Cora, Lorraine and Gloria all flew to Vancouver for a girl's weekend of shopping, sightseeing, dinner cruises and theatre visits. Most of it was paid for by air miles. The smell of burning plastic still lingers in the air...

On November 25th. Gloria, two friends of ours, Bill and Brenda Osadchy and I went to see Tina Turner perform at the Calgary Saddledome. Tina's opening act was Joe Cocker. She turned 61 this day and the crowd sang Happy Birthday to her. It was a fantastic evening and both performers were amazing. Tina especially can still keep up with her dance troop. This was the first concert of any size that I had gone to see and it was well worth it.

We went to my companies Christmas party on December 2nd. It was held at the local Canadian Legion. The main prize was a trip for two anywhere in North America. I'm sorry to say we did not win it. Gloria has to work on Christmas Day, so we are having dinner at Bill and Brenda's. We hope you all enjoy yours and think of us both during the holidays. We will be thinking of you.

Peace On Earth

With love and best wishes. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Best wishes from Allan and Gloria.

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