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2003 Christmas Newsletter



Date: December, 2003

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all family and friends.

In late March of this year, I was contacted by one of my old bosses at Methanex, the plant where I had worked for 22 years. I was asked if I was interested in going back to the plant for a two-year contract? Naturally I said yes. I seemed that at the time there was a world shortage of methanol. Methanex wanted to run the plant until the completed construction in 2005 of two new plants in Chile and Trinidad. So on April 3 I left the deli in Gloria's capable hand's, and with 65 other previous employees started back at the plant. The plan was to re-start the plant within two months. I had been shutdown since June of 2001.

Strange how a disease likes SARS can quickly change the outlook of things. When Methanex first planned to open the plant, SARS was not in the picture. When China stopped all movement of goods and services within its borders, one of our biggest customers suddenly disappeared. Then the price of natural gas went through the roof. Gas is a feedstock for making methanol. So the decision was made to postpone the start-up date for the plant by another couple of months. The postponements kept coming, until finally we were told to hold off any further work until a meeting of the board in late September. In October we were told the plant would not be starting and we were to mothball it again. We were all given three months notice effective October 15, so our last day will be January 15.

I have no complaints; someone else paid me for almost 12 months. It's the employees that left other positions I feel sorry for.

On the brighter side our deli "Deli Heights" is very busy. Gloria has done wonders to increase the catering business, and bookings for Christmas parties are up from last year. Our Saturday afternoon English High Teas are also a roaring success, especially with the ladies. Gloria keeps me out of trouble on Saturdays, letting me work the front counter. I have also been busy updating the web pages for the deli, so if you have nothing better to do while browsing the web, please look for them at

Christmas will be spent in Calgary this year at Cora's, Gloria's sister's place. We are both looking forward to the time off.

On the genealogical side, if your family has had any changes over the past few years, I would like to know about them for our family tree. Please be sure to include all names, dates and places. You can either email me or send a letter. If you would prefer to email me, I can send you a simple form that details the information you need to supply.

I did manage to golf on Thursday at men's league this year. It's starting to sound like a broken record, but I managed another hole-in-one, my fourth. :-)

Gloria and myself wish you and all the members of your family a safe and happy time for the holidays and the very best for the coming New Year.

Peace On Earth

With love and best wishes. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Best wishes from Allan and Gloria.

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