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2005 Christmas Newsletter




Date: December, 2005

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all family and friends.

In February we found out from our landlord that the lease for the Deli would not be renewed. The doctor's clinic next door wanted to expand, and would be taking over our space. We were given three months notice, so we had to start selling off our inventory and begin the process of moving out. We decided not to open in another location, although many of our customers begged us to do so. May 31st was our last day of business, but two weeks prior, many of our customers held a closing party for us and supplied the cakes and goodies.

Before we closed we held three large garage sales. One at the Deli and two in our own garage. We sold all our equipment to other business, but not at the prices they were actual worth. I was worried about not being able to sell items like, walk-in coolers, tables and chairs for 44 persons and meat and sandwich display's, but Gloria came through with her contacts and everything went.

It was four months before we were able to drive into our garage with both our vehicles. Before that it was stacked with equipment and dry goods. Two garage sales later, a trip to the food bank, Salvation Army and the dump, we had the room to park our cars. Deli Heights was a thriving and busy concern, but we lost money on the business as we could not sell it. But money is not everything and both Gloria and myself are glad that part of our lives is behind us. Working 7 days a week, with some day's being 14 to 16 hours long does not give a person much time for pleasure or a vacation, and now we have the time for both.

In March, Gloria and myself decided to get away for four days. We flew out to Vancouver Island and stayed in Victoria at the Delta Resort and Spa The trip was a birthday present from Gloria to me. We hired a car, toured the island and visited Gloria's nephew Kerry his wife Elizabeth and their children at their house in Lake Cowichan. We had lunch with them, and then they gave us a tour and shown us a view of the lake and town from a lookout point. We also visited the Museum of British Columbia where John Lennon's 1965 Rolls-Royce is kept. The museum also has an Imax Theatre and we saw a couple of spectacular movies. For March, the weather in Victoria was beautiful, the flowers and trees were in full bloom, while here in Medicine Hat, they don't look like that till May or June.

For the first time in three years, Gloria and myself were able to golf whenever we wanted, but believe it or not in June, Gloria broke her hand on the golf course... We were at tee box number five and Gloria was driving the golf cart. The golf cart tire struck the rail tie at the side of the path, the steering wheel spun around and struck Gloria's hand. So we went straight from the tee box to emergency. They confirmed a small bone had been broken at the side of her hand and she would be in a cast for a month. Gloria still came with to golf, but only managed to putt one handed. By the time she had recovered, her one handed putting was something to see.

Back in 1995 we had a100 year flood. The river that runs through Medicine Hat is the South Saskatchewan and it was 25 feet above normal levels. Well, this past June we had another flood. So much for the 100 years. Though not as high as the 1995 flood, it was only a couple of feet below. Makes Gloria and myself glad we live in an area overlooking the city, although some of the photo's on the above link were taken on the street we live on, but luckily we were not affected...

We recently found out that Gloria and myself are to be great grandparents. Sarah, our granddaughter and her boyfriend Devon are having a baby. The baby is due March/April. Devon has red hair, so the chances are the baby will have the same coloring.

In February 2006, Gloria and myself are going on a golfing vacation. We are going to Thailand and Bali. In Thailand we are staying at the Dusit Resort and Polo Club. In Bali we are staying at the Le Meridien Nirwana Golf and Spa Resort We golf six times at each resort. Originally we were only going to Thailand for 10 days, then we heard about the Bali trip. We thought "what the heck" were down there anyway, so why not. We leave on the 25th of February and come back the 26th March.

Peace On Earth

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Love and best wishes from Allan and Gloria.

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