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2006 Christmas Newsletter



Date: December, 2006


A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all family and friends.

On 25 January 2006, Faye Hood died. Faye is the mother-in-law to my son Gary. Medicine Hat News obituary, January 2006.

In February Gloria quit her job with the City of Medicine Hat. She had been working at the new Medicine Hat Esplanade both in the cafe and the gift shop. Her last day was February 20th.

February was also the month that:

I gave myself a black eye, by walking into the edge of a door at home. Honest...

We left for a month long trip to Thailand and Bali on February 24th. In Thailand we stayed at the Dusit Resort and Polo Club which is located just outside the city of Hua-Hin. In Bali we stayed a week each at the Le Meridien Nirwana Golf and Spa Resort and the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa. This was also a golfing holiday. We golfed six times in both countries. I would have no hesitation recommending any of these resorts and believe me when I say they all are 6 star resorts. The golf courses were world class also and designed by the likes of Jack Nicklas and Greg Norman.

Of the two countries, we both thought that Bali was the most beautiful, but Thailand is the country we would visit again. Bali is expensive compared to Thailand.

On March 28th, the same day we arrived back from our trip, our granddaughter Sarah, gave birth to a son, Layne Allan. Gloria with Layne and Sarah. Allan with Layne and Sarah. Layne Allan Ford aged four months of age. That makes us both great grandparents. Sarah and her partner, Devon, purchased a house in the same Avenue as Sarah's mum and dad, Gary and Holly.

Gloria received 1st and 2nd degree burns to her left forearm on April 7th. Hot water from a commercial coffee maker at work spilled onto her, and I had to take her to emergency. It took a month for her skin to heal and Gloria had to use plenty of sun screen to protect the skin on her arm.

In May the Medicine Hat Esplanade phoned Gloria and asked her if she would like to return on a part time basis. I think they may have missed her cooking and baking. Anyway, Gloria has began working again three days per week.

On May 18th, Gloria and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary. We spent the evening with some friends we had met during our trip to Thailand. They were also celebrating anniversaries. We had said that on our 30th we would like to visit Ireland again, but owning a delicatessen made that unrealistic, so our trip in February and March made up for it.

June 6th saw my return to the work force. I had been semi-retired since July of 2005, but I was getting bored at home. I applied for a position at Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Suffield, which is the same military base I first came to in Canada. At DRDC I began working for the Counter Terrorism Technology Center (CTTC), my job being to maintain the clothing and equipment they use for training with live chemical agents.

On August 25th and 26th, Gloria and myself catered to 30 teachers from Eagle Butte High School . They were having a retreat in Elkwater Provincial Park, prior to going back to school. We had catered to them before when we had the deli, and earlier in the year they had phoned Gloria and asked her if she would like to cater to them again. The retreat was held in Camp Okanoki, which is now run by the YMCA. We served a meal Friday evening and then breakfast and lunch on Saturday. The kitchen had a small bedroom at the back and that is where we stayed overnight. We received at really nice thank you card from Brad Volkman, the Principal of Eagle Butte High School.

September 16th was the reunion dinner for the Thailand trip attendees. It was held at Cottonwood Coulee Golf Course. It was supposed to be a nine hold round followed by the meal, but the weather did not cooperate as it was rainy and cold, so we viewed each others photographs and generally just chatted. Everyone one brought a selection of Thai food and I managed to try a small amount of everything... Gloria made Thai chicken satay, which were on skewers. The group we went to Thailand with is organizing a trip to New Zealand in the winter of 2007, so we are thinking about going on that one.

On September 17th I attended my men's league golf wind-up. Again the weather did not cooperate, but at least it did not rain. It was cold and overcast. Layered clothing was the order of the day and the Bailey's in my coffee also helped. The team I was on came in first at 7 under par, which was pretty good seeing the weather was lousy. We each won $125.00 and I also managed to win a rechargeable lantern, which is suitable for camping or emergencies. It also has a built in FM radio.

October 5th was my last day at CTTC. I was hired on a casual basis and you cannot work more than 90 days in any one year for the Canadian government, while being on casual. The friends I had worked with threw my a party that evening. This was held at Huston Pizza. I was presented with some farewell gifts as well as a nice coin. Coin side 1. Coin side 2. The coin is quite large at 1.5 inches or 4 cm across. I was instructed never to be without this coin. If I was challenged to present the coin by other members of CTTC, I had to have it on my person or I have to buy them a drink. If I present the coin, then the person challenging me has to buy me a drink. It is now in my wallet, where it will stay... All being well, I will return to DRDC Suffield next year for another short term.

October 23rd saw the passing of the father-in-law to Gloria's sister, Lorraine. Ray Makus was 90 years of age.

The TV show "Ancestors In The Attic" on History Television, asked for submissions on genealogical questions, with the possiblity of the question being aired on one of there episodes. In October I sent them a question which concerns a possible ancestor, and requested if they could research the following details to see if we have a family connection?

  • Michael Scahill
  • Place Of Trial: County Mayo.
  • Date Of Trial: 01/01/1850
  • Crime Description: Killing Sheep With Intent To Steal
  • Sentence: Transportation 7 Years
  • Ship Rodney: 00/11/1852
  • Document References: Tr 9, P 130
  • The reference to this trial and sentence can be found at Irish Transportation Records and entering the name Scahill in the search box. Who knows, maybe we have a villain in our Scahill past?

I have joined the blogging scene in an attempt to widen the search for new Scahill and Johnson relatives. You can find my blog here at The Scahill Pages:

A friend of ours, Darrell, turned 50 on November 6. On the 11th a party was held at his home to celebrate the event. A great time was had by all.

Met Debra on 24 November. Had drinks with her and Bill. Debra is my niece, the daughter of my sister, Audrey, who died in 1975 in Australia. Debra loaned me photo album that I'm going to scan. She also has some of family photographs for me to see. I had not seen Debra since the funeral of my brother, Brian, in 1997, before that, the last time we met was in 1968, just prior to them leaving for Australia.

Gloria submitted three recipes to the Medicine Hat News for their 2006 Holiday Recipe Book. She had all three published. Good going sweetheart.

Although we are no longer in business with the Deli, we still get phone calls to cater a function. Last night, 7 December, we catered at the Medicine Hat Golf Club for a fund raiser for the Medicine Hat High School football team. The evening consisted of silent and live auctions.

On Saturday December 8, we catered to 100 teachers and their families of Eagle Butte High School.

Christmas was spent at the home of Gloria's niece and nephew. Lavonne and Kevin Ries.

New Years Eve 2006 was spent with family and friends.

Peace On Earth

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Love and best wishes from Allan and Gloria.

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