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2010 Christmas Newsletter

Date: December, 2010

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all family and friends.

New Years Day we entertained Gerry and Elaine Dufresne at the condo in Desert Hot Springs. Gloria made a baked ham and for dessert we had chocolate cake.

January 2 we purchased our tickets to the Palm Springs film festival starting on the 5th to the 18th.

January 4 we went to see the movie Avatar at the iMax in 3D. We gave is a 10/10 Our first movie of the year and a great one

January 8 we attended our first of six films at the Palm Springs Film Festival. We saw the premier of Harry Brown at the Camelot theater, starring Michael Caine. Michael Caine stars as Harry Brown, a version of Jason Bourne with a pension card. We rated this movie an 8/10

January 10 we went to see our second film. This was the documentary the Wildest Dream, narrated by Liam Neeson. A documentary about George Mallory who attempted to climb Mount Everest in 1924. Many believed he succeeded, but he died in the attempt. His body was found on Everest 75 years later. It is still there. This documentary was also shown at the Camelot. A 9/10.

January 12 we saw the movie Glorious 39 is a suspenseful movie set in wartime Britain an 8.5/10 Jan 13 Chameleon. A thriller with dark humor. 9/10.

January 13 we attended our fourth movie Chameleon. A thriller with dark humor. 9/10.

January 15 we watched two movies. First The Eclipse a supernatural movie starring Aidan Quinn. Worth seeing 8/10. The second show was a local movie that had been filmed in and around the Palm Springs area. It was called Shoot The Hero. This film was not worth rating. We, and others left after less than 30 minutes

22 January we had a great afternoon. The Picasso exhibit was priceless, the movie Hurt Locker was a 9/10 and a must see, and the burger and beer at the Elephant Bar was very good. We sat at the bar next to a couple from Calgary.

23 January we went Silver Rock Resort in La Quinta to watch the Bob Hope Classic We followed Mike Weir around with a whole bunch of other Canadians. From the stands on the 18th hole. Mike Weir approaching the green. While sitting in the stands, we spoke to a couple from Medicine Hat we knew.

25 January I took this photograph at the top of Clubhouse Boulevard looking toward the mountains on the west. You can see where the snow line stopped at during the recent storm we had in the Palm Springs and Desert Hot Spring area. This was the view from the Condo after the 4 day storm

January 31 Gloria and myself went to the Indio Southwest Art Festival, and spent a couple of hours walking and seeing some great art, but if you have to ask "how much" you can't afford it...

On February 4 I received information that a photograph of mine, that I had taken in 1988, was published in the Whistler Question, a newspaper in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. They had contacted me a few days earlier to ask if this was my photograph and if they could have permission to publish it? I said yes. They were doing an article on Steve Podborski, one of the Crazy Canuks who were involved in the 1988 Olympic Torch Relay. My son, Gary, had run the last mile to Medicine Hat City Hall carrying the torch. I had taken several photographs of Gary and Steve Podborski and had published them to my blog, The Scahill Pages as well as my Facebook account, and this is how they had found this image.

Gloria's aunt, Olga Lutz died 5 February 2010 - This is a link to the guest book. This is a link to Olga's obituary. Unfortunately we were unable to attend as we were in Palm Springs.

Friday February 12 We met friends from Medicine Hat for dinner at Jackalope Ranch Restaurant Indio.

13 February we attended the Greek Festival in Palm Desert. We spoke to an author of a Greek cookbook and had it signed by her. She gave us some tips on publishing our cookbook and wished us good luck.

February 16 we spent the day at the Date Festival and Shields Date Farm in Indio. I had my first Date Shake and boy was it filling. We also purchased a cookbook from Shields Date Farm on cooking with dates, and yes it has a recipe on how to make a Date Shake.

Weekend of February 18 to 20 we spent with condo neighbor's and friends from Medicine Hat, Ray and Jackie White. We golfed, went out for a Mexican meal and had lots of laughs.

28 February We watched the Olympic hockey gold medal game. What a day. The bar was full of hockey fans from the US and Canada. We were in the lead and the the roar from the US fans when they tied was deafening. We started the overtime with chants of Go Canada Go and we did not have long to wait... a great afternoon

3 March I had a wonderful, wonderful day. Golf, great food, thanks to Gloria. Homemade birthday cake (carrot and pistachio) loads of swag, and even better yet, lots of good company. Thanks to all who sent messages.

6 March we went out for dinner to Billy Reed's in Palm Springs, with friends from the condo.

11 March Gloria and myself spent the whole afternoon having lunch with friends from Medicine Hat, followed by the movie The Ghost Writer and last, but not least, dinner with Don at his condo.

March 15 we left the condo in Desert Hot Springs to return home. The first day we stayed overnight in St. George, Utah. The second day I drove the most distance in one day ever, 1054km. We stayed in Dillon, Montana and the next day we crossed the border at noon and were home by 2:30 PM on 17 March. The total distance was close to 2500 kilometers.

April 3 I would like to thank the 40 some family and friends who got together for Easter and some belated birthday cake. Gloria organized a surprise party for me and a great time was had by all. Thank you everyone for the great cards and gifts, especially Cora who made the wonderful quilt with photo's of my family on it. Thanks Allan,

April 29 I received a phone call from an ex boss at Methanex. He asked if I could come to the plant the next day for a coffee. I said sure. So, on May 17th I commenced a three month contract with Methanex to review the inventory and determine what inventory parts are needed to be purchased or repaired if the plant reopens.

On May 18th Gloria and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary. We went out for dinner to Original Joe's Restaurant here in Medicine Hat, a place we had not tried. Although Original Joe's seems a bit noisy because of the open plan, we enjoyed our meal and drinks.

June 12 we attended the funeral of Veree Monaghan. Veree was 47 years of age and the wife of Doug Monaghan. I worked with Doug for several years at Methanex.

In July Gloria changed jobs at Costco. She moved from the demonstration company, PWD, to Bloomstar, the flower sellers at Costco. Gloria prefers this job as she is her own boss and has much more freedom to "move around".

August 15 I renewed my contract with Methanex for another 2 months.

Also in August we repainted the upstairs, removed the carpet and had solid wood floors installed.

9 September we found out that the plant has been given the go ahead to restart in April 2011

September 18 our family celebrated the the 50th wedding anniversary of Lorraine and Vern Makus. Lorraine is Gloria's sister. Lorraine and Vern asked if I would be the photographer for the event and I gladly obliged.

October was a busy month. Firstly I became a Methanex employee again, committing to working 2 years and after that we will see. Conducted lots of interviews for the positions in the warehouse and we chose two very capable people both from Flint.

Also in in October we put a new porch on the front of the house, thanks to Craig. Next year, we will rebuild the back deck and make it larger.

It's hard to believe that 12 months ago, we were in southern California for 5 months. Already we have received messages from friends saying "we have just passed your condo". Oh well, only another 701 more sleeps...

In November I purchased my very first smart phone. I bought the new LG Optimus Windows 7 phone. It's very slick and I really like the interface. I sold my old Motorola flip phone for $50.00, and I'd had it for 2 years.

December 10 Methanex held their Christmas party at the Stamped Grounds restaurant. Let's hope that this is the first of many for the newly reopened plant

Christmas Eve was spent with family at the home of Kenny and Stephanie Jacober and Allen and Marlene Jacober and family. Good food, great company and lots of laughs.

Christmas morning we had Kiana, our adopted grandaughter and Kelly her mother over for present opening and breakfast. We were joined later by Brenda.

Peace On Earth

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Love and best wishes from Allan and Gloria.

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