Flying around This summer


I have managed to get some flying in so thought I would share a bit for those not on Facebook.

I have updated a selected bunch of pictures on there but will update my web site for the summer fun.


Trip one

Better than any hamburger trip I have had. Ed and I flew out to Seymour arm (where he is from) and had a good day swimming at the lake and then flew home.


Ed and I on the way


The grass strip was nice and long but looked small from the air.



Ed checking out the water and the condition of the dock he helped to build.He is local so got all the good stories.



Decided to go for swim and the water was great.Nice sandy beach what more could you ask for.




Heading out and the lake on the way home.


We were back home in the afternoon what would have taken most of the day to drive out and missed the view.



Trip Two

Next trip I have been planning for two years and really wanted some others to fly with me so I could share with them but everyone was busy so did some careful planning and prepared a plan that I had to stick to in case I needed to be found.


This is the plan.



Cache Creek


Power line

Spring House††† elv 3250 4800 122.833/15


Big Creek (Closed)

Twin Lakes†† elv 4000 3600 123.2

Tsuniah CAF4 4000 4000 123.204/22 RH on 04
Chilko CAG3 3850 3200 122.8†† 18/36
Cochin Lake (Travers)


Day 2

Cochin Lake (Travers)

Around Tatlayoko

Bluff Lake (White Saddle)Elv 2925††† 155.25 or 122.8

Added a trip out to look at cattle with a friend.


Day 3

Bluff Lake White Saddle

Scum Lake†† elv 3950 3500 123.203/21

Big Creek

Gang Ranchelv 2150 1800 123.208/26




This is the electronic route and where I actually went from my GPS

The joys of technology.



I will just put up a couple of pictures of the trip as there are many.



Day 1

On my way with enough stuff to camp ifI have to but hoping for visiting and Chilcotin Hospitality where ever possible.



Fueling up in Springhouse as itís the last fuel for a long time.



Crossing the Frazer headed west.



It always looks great from the air in the morning light.


White Chilcotin River with the new Farwell canyon bridge.



Twin Lakes strip



Tsuniah strip and I have many great pictures on the ground and of the lodge but will not put them all up here.



On the ground and ready to leave Tsuniah Strip.



One of my better pictures of Chilco Lake.It was getting windy at this point and had to hurry on my way.



Chiko Lake strip with a down hill into 30 mph wind was interesting but all training for the final one of the day.



The lodge from the front.No one was there and it is closed right now.Would be really nice to care take something like this with no guests.



My final challenge of the day was a grass strip in a pasture uphill from the lake.I was happy the wind that arrived shortly was not blowing at this point.



I was given the quad to get around and down to my cabin at the lake.Just topping up with a jerry can that I carried.



My cabin for the night.



The lake got windy but had a boat to use and fishing gear if wanted.



Next morning on the lake



View from the porch of the main house down to the lake and cabins.



Day 2

Not many good pictures as I took them of property and the flight was short.

Here is a shot down Tatlayoko Lake who some will remember that I did a mountain bike trip around a few years ago.



I wanted to fly closer to the mountain that was in front of our house but it was too windy as you can see on the lake.



Out looking for cows and some large meadows being cut.



Safe in the correl for the night at White Saddle



Main Hanger



Helicopter in the hanger



Float Plane on the lake.



Lars loaned me a bike to get around here.



Went up to a special hidden lake with amazing view of the mountains.



Some of the mountains around.



Could you imagine homesteading this.



Middle lake on the way to Fosters.I did not take pictures of the road but should have and it was a good thing I had a dirt bike.



Almost looks like a project but maybe leave it for a few more years.



Jen and I had tea and cookies a very old tradition for us.



Day 3


Finally perfect weather with no wind but headed home.Sun rising on the mountains.



Leaving White Saddle strip



Leaving the mountains and Tatlayoko Lake.



Flying across the plateau.You would not want to get lost or go missing out here.This is the big Chilko Lake fires the last few years.



Crossing the Frazer near Gang ranch



Casey missed me and checked out the gear for intruders or rats.



Very nice trip with no problems and fantastic weather.