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Green Wave Adventures

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Seaside Scrambles

& Interpretive Walks

Seaside Scrambles & Interactive Walks

Hike The Wild Pacific CoastHike The Wild Pacific Coast
with An Experienced Guide

Explore Ancient rain Forests

Get Away To Remote, Windswept Shorelines
Explore Ancient Rain Forests

Learn About The West Coast

Learn About The Human & Natural History of The West Coast



Bill PerryYour Guide

Bill Perry is a local forester, hiker and explorer who has spent over 20 years working in these forests. His hikes and scrambles have taken him along the entire coast-line from Tofino to Amphritite Point (beyond) Ucluelet), and to the summits of many of the mountains visible from the coast.

Contact Bill by phone at 250-726-7602
cell phone at 250-954-7701.
by e-mail at:



Interpretive Walks and Seaside ScramblesFrom a quiet interpretive walk to a rugged seaside scramble, choose your comfort level:

  • Tide Pools
    rich in life and colour
  • Eco-Forestry
    walk or vehicle tours
  • Rainforest Tours
    learn about an ancient ecosystem
  • Custom Hikes
    plan a trip to suit your interests!

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