BogoFilter For PMMail v0.6.1

PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS! Even if you know everything. Thanks...

WARNING! Back up your PMMail directory structure, BEFORE you try to install PMMBogoFilter v0.6.1. There are some major changes in the way that BogoFilter works, and it can really be messed up, if something goes wrong during install.

WARNING! One of the changes is in the database file handling. The old database file will be roughly twice the size of the new one (IF you installed PMMBogoFilter 0.6.0). This update should be an improvement on low memory, slower machines. Another change requires that all of the old PMMBogoFilter filters need to be removed, and installed new. This is done automatically, but it can rearrange the filter order, depending on what else you may have done. This should not cause any problems, but the filter order could change, and you need to check that after installing.

WARNING!: Bogofilter 1.0.2 - updated 20060326 may not work with PMMail 1.96a, and/or warp4. I have been unable to get this combination to work on my test system. That could be because it doesn't work, or, it could be because I have a problem on my warp4 test system (not unlikely). The 0.6.1 update will install on PMMail 1.96a, and warp4 (see the note, below). Proceed with caution.

Please note: If you have installed a version of PMMBogoFilter, earlier than v0.4.0, you will need to UNINSTALL it, manually, before installing this version. You can keep the word file, IF it is the single file version AND you are willing to follow the directions in the BogoFilter package, to convert it to the new file. If you still have the two file version, just erase it, and start over. The results will be better.

Please note:  Bogofilter 1.0.2 - updated 20060326 is required, and that also requires the libc061.dll (which may ned to be installed manually). This version of BogoFilter requires the TCPIP32.DLL, from the 32 bit stack version of TCP/IP, HOWEVER, it apparently doesn't use it, it just needs to find the file. To work around this problem, the BogoFilter installer will copy the file <boot drive>:\MPTN\DLL\TCPIPDLL.DLL to <wherever your PMMail is installed>\User_tools\bin. This is NOT the real TCPIP32.DLL, but it is good enough to make the program work. Be warned, that if you ever do install a 32 bit stack version of TCP/IP, you will need to manually remove that file, or, reinstall PMMBogoFilter, to remove the file.

Users of PMMail 1.96a, please read the specific sections about that. Thank you, to Peter Moylan, for figuring out what needs to be done to adapt PMMBogoFilter, for use with PMMail 1.96a.

Please note: If you installed Peter's update, for PMMail 1.96a, manually, uninstall it before installing this update. Some things are done differently, and it may not update properly. See the above note about converting your word list to the new format. It may (will) be better to just start over.

Please note: If you installed PMMBogoFilter050, you will have extra icons in the PMMBogoFilter folder. Please remove the duplicates (since you won't know which ones are the good ones, remove all of the duplicates, and reinstall PMMBogoFilter, to make the correct ones). Sorry about that, and thanks to Frank Beythien for spotting that, and fixing it.


How it works:
Using it:
Training: Support:
Usage and license:
Update list:
Configuration of PMMail:
Word file maintenance:

And,  link to the online version of this file, which may have been updated from the one you have on your own system.


At the time of writing BogoFilter is available from Paul Smedley as Bogofilter 1.0.2. Using any other version will, likely, work, but is NOT SUPPORTED, and the installer will reject it.

BogoFilter is a Bayesian filter, that can be used to identify SPAM. PMMBogoFilter is an interface, so that PMMail v2.x, and now v1.96a,  can use BogoFilter to identify SPAM, then PMMail can use it's own filters to separate that SPAM, so the user doesn't need to deal with it.

BogoFilter must be obtained separately to this package (see the note, above), and the ZIP file should be placed in the SAME directory as the PMM_BogoFilter061.wpi file, for automatic install to work. You can, at any time, rerun the install, to update your system, for instance, if you add another e-mail account, and wish to add the filters to it.

This package will NOT function, without the BogoFilter package installed, in the expected directories, and, the PROPER BogoFilter package MUST be present, when you run the PMMBogoFilter installer, even if you don't need it.

This package contains instructions and three command files to enable BogoFilter to be integrated with PMMail (tested with PMMail/2 version 2.20.2382, but it should work with any version 2.x). It also adds some WPS objects, to help you use the package. For PMMail 1.96a, there are two filters added, a Train SPAM, and a Train NOT SPAM, folder, and a separate program, that is used for training. Please read the section on using this with PMMail 1.96a.

If you wish to try other programs, I suggest the PROXYC, or Deleatur,  packages, from HOBBES, as an alternative.


PMMBogoFilter.html This file
pmm_bogofilter.cmd Calls BogoFilter after receiving each e-mail
pmm_train_spam.cmd Trains BogoFilter for SPAM
pmm_train_no_spam.cmd Trains BogoFilter for NOT SPAM
InstBogoFilter.cmd Installs the BogoFilter package for you
Inserts the REXX, and filters, into PMMail accounts
Maintains the BogoFilter word file
Contains some initial words, to initialize the word list
The training program, for use with PMMail 1.96a
The files, in the doc directory, are place holders, so that I can create icons for the BogoFilter HTML files. They are replaced, when BogoFilter actually gets installed. Of course, all of the files supplied by BogoFilter will also be present, after install.

WarpIn should install these commands, and BogoFilter (if the ZIP file is available), in the directory where PMMail is installed (usually in x:\BSW-Inc, where x: is the drive that you installed it on), in a directory called User_Tools.

Some manual entries may need be made in the PMMail Account Settings, to finish the install, if they are not correct (thanks to Frank Beythien, this is now automated, but there could be situations where it doesn't work properly). See the install section for more details.

The REXX exit is not installed, when using this with PMMail 1.96a. You need to do that manually (see the configuration section).

How it works:

PMMail has a REXX interface that can be called after sending or receiving a message. I have provided a script that adds BogoFilter to the receive path. This is called after each e-mail is received and the path and name of the message file is passed to the REXX script, where it is evaluated, and flagged by BogoFilter. Be sure to see the Installation section, for installation instructions, if this was not set up automatically.

If BogoFilter "knows" an e-mail is SPAM it will add 'X-Bogosity: Spam' (and, some other information, including the spamicity) to the header, when using the options in pmm_bogofilter.cmd that I have used. I use this information, to filter the e-mail into the Trash folder. BogoFilter will add 'X-Bogosity: Unsure, if the e-mail is likely SPAM, but does not meet the cutoff (Spamicity=8.0, or higher) where it "knows" that it is SPAM. These e-mail get put into the Bogo Spam folder, which you must create in PMMail, as a new folder, if it was not automatically created at install time (you can dump it straight into the TRASH folder, but I don't recommend that, until you are satisfied that the filter is never, or very rarely, classifying good mail, as SPAM). E-mail that is rated with a Spamicity of less than 5.4 will have 'X-Bogosity: Ham' added to it. That e-mail is handled in the normal way. Of course the identification of what is Spam, and what is Ham (not SPAM), will not be correct, until you do some serious training, so watch the results carefully, and train BogoFilter, to make it astonishingly accurate. It will never catch ALL of the SPAM, simply because the SPAMers continue to do new things, so on going training (both good, and bad) is required. I suggest training at least one good e-mail, for every bad e-mail, initially, and after the results are acceptable, continue to train at least one good e-mail, for every 10 bad ones.

For PMMail 2.x, I have supplied four filters: one to TRASH the "known" SPAM (anything with a X-Bogosity of Spam), which is no longer disabled, by default. One to check if received e-mail is possibly SPAM (it looks for 'X-Bogosity: Unsure'), one to train BogoFilter to recognize SPAM and one to train it to recognize NOT SPAM. See Using it, for more details.

For PMMail 1.96a, I have supplied two filters: one to TRASH the "known" SPAM ('X-Bogosity: Spam', which is anything with a spamicity level of 0.80000, or higher), which is no longer disabled, by default, and one to check if received e-mail is possibly SPAM (it looks for 'X-Bogosity: Unsure'), which puts suspect mail into the Bogo Spam folder. I also add a Train SPAM folder, where you should place any e-mail that you wish to train as SPAM, and a Train NOT SPAM folder, where you should place any e-mail that you wish to train as NOT SPAM. There is also an additional icon, placed in the PMMBogoFilter folder, which does the actual training (PMMail must NOT be running, when you run this program).


WarpIn should install the package, in the same directory that the PMMail directory is in (the PMMail directory, contains PMMail.exe). The package now tries to determine where PMMail has been installed, and offers the appropriate install location. It will default to C:\BSW-inc\User_Tools, if it cannot find PMMail.exe, in a logical (common) location. In that case, you can continue, if you are sure that you want to, by manually entering the location where the PMMail directory is located (the PMMail directory is the one where PMMail.EXE is located), and adding the User_Tools directory.
eg. D:\BSW-Inc\User_Tools

You may need to make some manual changes to your PMMail Account Settings. An attempt do that automatically, in a fail safe manner, is incorporated in the installer, but it may not work, especially for the REXX exit addition, which does not work with PMMail 1.96a. An attempt is also made, by the installer, to add the appropriate filters to each PMMail account, but that is also done in a fail safe manner, so it doesn't mess up your existing filters (other than those supplied by PMMBogoFilter). You MUST go through the Configuration of PMMail section, to be sure that it all got set up properly.

Configuration of PMMail:

For each account that you want to BogoFilter:

Select Account-> Account Settings, for that account. Select the REXX tab and check
'Message Receive Exit'.
Enter the path and script name in the 'Script To Run' field,
(for example: 'D:\BSW-Inc\user_tools\pmm_bogofilter.cmd')
If you want to see the output of the scripts, check
'Execute Script In Foreground'
(Mandatory, if you want to use DEBUG=1) but that doesn't always work, as expected (a PMMail quirk). I recommend letting it run in the background.

NOTE: If you already have a defined REXX exit, you can place that into b4_pmm_bogofilter.cmd, which is called, with the file name passed to it (the incoming message file), before the BogoFilter program runs on the e-mail file (if b4_pmm_bogofilter.cmd  exists).
PLEASE make sure that all of these entries appear to be correct, and correct, or add, them if they are not.

Select the Filters tab and add the following filters (if they were not automatically created), or verify that they are correct. The first filter should be close to the top of the filter list, followed by the second, and the last two (NOT for PMMail 1.96a) should be at the bottom of the list.

PLEASE, do NOT change the Description, since that may cause problems, when, and if, you ever update this package.

The filter to check if BogoFilter Knows the e-mail is SPAM (This is no longer disabled, by default):

Description: Bogo SPAM
Type/Complex: Simple
Search: <Header>
For: X-Bogosity: Spam
Type: Incoming
Actions: Delete Message Local copy

The filter to check if BogoFilter thinks the e-mail is SPAM

Description: Bogo Filter
Type/Complex: Simple
Search: <Header>
For: X-Bogosity: Unsure
No Connective
Type: Incoming
Actions: Move message to the BOGO SPAM folder
(or any other folder, as you wish, which must exist, before you can select it. You must create the Bogo Spam folder, in each account, using PMMail, if the installer did not do it.)

The filter to train BogoFilter that a message is SPAM (NOT for PMMail 1.96a)

Description: Train as SPAM
Type/Complex: Complex
In text box: header.subject="a"|!(header.subject="a")
Type: Manual
Actions: User hook (background)
(or, foreground to use DEBUG=1)
In Command box: D:\bsw-inc\user_tools\pmm_train_spam.cmd
(change to match your installation)

Optionally, you can add a second (or more) action(s) to this filter (This is now the default):
Delete Message Local copy (puts it in the TRASH folder)

The filter to train BogoFilter that a message is NOT SPAM (NOT for PMMail 1.96a)

Description: Train as NOT SPAM
Type/Complex: Complex
In text box: header.subject="a"|!(header.subject="a")
Type: Manual
Actions: User hook (background)
In Command box: D:\bsw-inc\user_tools\pmm_train_no_spam.cmd
(change to match your installation)

Optionally, you can add a second (or more) action(s) to this filter:
Move Message Inbox (or, anywhere else that you like)

NOTE: If you have been using an older version of BogoFilter, the new, and later, will use a new method of storing the word list (a single file, rather than two files, and with some additional information).  If you still have the two file version, simply erase them, and start over. The results will be better.

Of course, if this is a first time install, you will be starting with an empty database anyway, which will result in a single file.

If you add a new e-mail account, just run the installer again, and it will insert the appropriate REXX, and Filters, to the new account, when possible (you can also do this manually, if you prefer - see the configuration instructions). Please verify that it was done correctly.

One problem, that has been seen, is that you may have an acct.ini file size, other than 35712, or 35713, bytes. From what I have been able to determine, a file size of 35712 bytes, is created when you create a new account, using PMMail 2.x. A file size of 35713 bytes was created by PMMail 1.96a, and converted to PMMail v2.x format. PMMail 1.96a creates a file size of 33410 bytes. Other file sizes (in the same range) have been seen, and appear to have been created by older versions of PMMail. Since this is very rare, I have not attempted to support them with the installer. If you have one of those files, you should install the REXX, and the filters, if required, manually (see the configuration instructions). Users of PMMail 1.96a will need to add the REXX exit, manually.

The directory setup should be:
  |--BSW-Inc   (may be something different, like SOUTHSDE)
       |--PMMail   (CONTAINS PMMail.EXE)
       |   |--<Accounts>    (*.act)
       |        |-- <1 or more account folders>
       |   |--GROUPS
       |--User_Tools    (This, and below, is installed by PMMBogoFilter)
           |--BOGOFILTER_DIR    (contains the word file)
           |    |--man1
(you won't have all of these, or you may have more, with the older versions of BogoFilter). The important part is the relation of User_Tools to PMMail, and that the BogoFilter package is unzipped into the User_Tools directory, keeping the directory structure.

User_Tools must be in the same directory as the PMMail directory (the PMMail directory CONTAINS PMMail.EXE). Do not change the directory names, or locations, unless you also change the scripts to match. If you do that, you will not be able to update, without doing it all over again. DON'T DO IT.


To UnInstall PMMBogoFilter, use WarpIn, to uninstall both the BogoFilter package, and the PMMail Interface to BogoFilter package (PMMBogoFilter first, or both together). That will leave behind the User_Tools directory, and the BOGOFILTER_DIR directory, which contains your word list(s). The BogoFilter directories must be removed manually, with PMMBogoFilter040, and older. Versions of PMMBogoFilter, after v0.4.0, should remove everything, except the BOGOFILTER_DIR directory, the word list, the log file, and anything that you may have put into the User_Tools directory. Anything that has been put into any of the BogoFilter directories WILL BE REMOVED.

NOTE: The uninstall routine does not, yet, remove the REXX exits, the Bogo SPAM folder, the training folders (for PMMail 1.96a), or, any of the filters. You must do that manually. This is not required, if you intend to reinstall PMMBogoFilter, and they are correct.

NOTE: Some added folders (Bogo Spam) will not be removed by selecting to delete them with PMMail. If that is the case, just delete the appropriate directory entry manually, while PMMail is not running.

Using it:

For, PMMail 2.x: To train as SPAM, or NOT SPAM, select all of the e-mails for this training option and right click on one of them, from the popup select the arrow to the right of Apply Manual Filters and select Train as SPAM, or NOT SPAM. Training may take a few seconds, for each message. If you wish to see what is happening use the foreground user hook (Mandatory, if you are using DEBUG=1 in the scripts, and, you, likely, won't see anything if DEBUG=0).

For PMMail 1.96a: To train as SPAM, or NOT SPAM, select all of the e-mails for this training option right click them, and move them to the appropriate training folder (Train SPAM, or Train NOT SPAM). Training is done, by closing PMMail, then running the Train (1.96a version) program, found in the PMMBogoFilter folder. Mail that is in the Train SPAM folder will be trained, and deleted. Mail in the Train NOT SPAM folder will be trained, then moved to the InBox.
NOTE: If PMMail is not currently the active application when it runs a foreground REXX exit, you will, sometimes, get an error popup saying that it tried to run a foreground task but it ran in the background. This is just because PMMail doesn't make itself current before running the foreground task. Just close the popup, and bring the open window to the foreground.

NOTE: If you are running with DEBUG=1, to see the output of the scripts, you will need to press a key to continue. If you have not set it to run in the foreground (or, if PMMail decides to start it in the background - see previous note), you won't see this and it will look as though PMMail has hung. Just select the command window from the Window list and follow the instructions. I recommend NOT using DEBUG=1, unless you understand what is going on.

NOTE: If you are hearing a beep, when any of these scripts run, there is a configuration problem. The beep means that the paths are not correct, and you should check your setup, to be sure that it is correct. If you don't like the default setup, you may need to modify the scripts, to compensate for any changes that you want to make. For more details, set DEBUG=1, in the scripts, and run them in the foreground (see above note). WARNING: changing the scripts, will be undone, when, and if, you ever reinstall this package.

NOTE: There is a "tuning" setting in pmm_bogofilter.cmd (look in the file, but I recommend that you DO NOT change this), that may help, if you have trouble getting it going. It WILL take a while to train BogoFilter, to recognize SPAM, and NOT SPAM, so be patient. I found that it was working very well, after a couple of days (about 100 messages), but the BogoFilter docs say that 500 good, and 500 bad, messages are required, to make it work properly.

Do NOT expect BogoFilter to identify every SPAM message. The SPAMers are very inventive, and they keep on dreaming up new ways to bypass SPAM filters. However, once a specific SPAM has been trained, that one should always be identified, in the future, until the SPAMers change it again.

I recommend training any e-mail that ends up in the Bogo SPAM folder, as either SPAM, or NOT SPAM, so that future e-mail, of the same type, will be rated higher, or lower, which should mean less manual intervention will be required in the future.


You WILL need to train some bad messages, and it is necessary to train some good ones, as well. To do that, simply select a few good messages, and train them as NOT SPAM. I would suggest, trying to keep a balance, and train as many good ones, as you do bad ones, until it is never identifying good messages as SPAM. I suggest training good e-mail, as NOT SPAM, in a ratio of about 1 good, to 10 SPAM, forever. Try to vary the type, and source, of good e-mail, so BogoFilter sees a good variety of what you think is good.

Word file maintenance:

It seems that a certain amount of maintenance is required for the word file. I have supplied an icon, that will automatically do the required maintenance. It backs up the current file, then does:
There is another icon, to restore a saved word list, in case you get it messed up. There are only TWO saved word lists (IF you have run the word file maintenance, at least twice), so be careful about what you are doing. When a word list is restored, the current list is completely lost, unless you manually save it somewhere. The date displayed, is when the save file was created, not when the word list was last changed.

There is another icon, that will delete your current word list, and initialize a new one. WARNING: There is no backout for this, your current word list will be GONE, unless you save it somewhere. You can restore a saved word list, if there is one.

I recommend that you use a CRON program, to automate running the BogoFilter word file maintenance program. Once a week should be adequate, although once a day may be required, if you do a lot of training. The maintenance routine will close after 5 seconds, but by using a CRON program, you won't forget to do it. There is now a Log file, which shows the old, and new, file sizes, so you can see what was done.


I can offer limited support for this package (NOT for the BogoFilter package, or PMMail) and will try to do so as time permits. If you are stuck with getting it to run, try the comp.os.os2.mail-news newsgroup initially. I do read this group and will try and respond and no doubt others will be able to help in time. You can e-mail the address below but these accounts may be dropped in time, to eliminate SPAM buildup. There will always be an address where I can be contacted, on any of my postings to newsgroups but again these may change from time to time as the SPAMers collect them.

Doug Bissett
Mailto: dougb007!

NOTE: ALL e-mail addresses have had "!SPAM" added to them. You MUST remove that, to e-mail the person listed.

Usage, and license:

You may, without charge, royalty, or other payment, copy and distribute copies of this work and derivative works of this work in source or binary form provided that you:
  1. appropriately publish on each copy an appropriate copyright notice;
  2. faithfully reproduce all prior copyright included in the original work;
  3. agree to indemnify and hold all prior authors, copyright holders and licensor of the work harmless from and against all damages arising from use of or the inability to use the work.
  4. are NOT a member of WarpCity, or any of it's affiliates.

You may distribute binaries and sources of derivative works of the work provided that:

  1. all modifications to the original source code are publicly available;
  2. all modifications are released under this license;
  3. all copyrights of the original work are included;
  4. the modifications are a direct advantage for the functionality and completeness of the product or improve inter operability of the product with another product and do not interfere with the goal of an open source and free product.
  5. you are NOT a member of WarpCity, or any of it's affiliates.

You may NOT use the work as base of another work that is not released under this license agreement meaning that you especially are not allowed to develop any other product which is based on the sources and/or binaries of the work.


Are you kidding????


English translation: If you use it, YOU, and YOU alone, are totally
responsible for anything bad, that might happen. Of course, I am
totally responsible, if it works perfectly :-)


NOTE: ALL e-mail addresses have had "!SPAM" added to them. You MUST remove that, to e-mail the person listed.


Rodney Pont
for getting me started, and doing some serious testing, among other things.

The BogoFilter team:
see the bogofilter project page, for BogoFilter.

Frank Beythien  
for adding enhancements to the REXX exit, and filters, installation procedure, as well as supplying some performance enhancements.

Jan-Erik Lärka
for modifications, that allow this to run in a networked configuration.

Peter Moylan
for supplying the necessary parts to make PMMBogoFilter work with PMMail 1.96a.

Yuri Dario
for the original port of BogoFilter for OS/2 and eCS.

Paul Smedley
for the current port of BogoFilter for OS/2 and eCS.

NOTE: ALL e-mail addresses have had "!SPAM" added to them. You MUST remove that, to e-mail the person listed.

Update List:

Aug. 21, 2003 v0.1.1 Initial release

Aug. 22, 2003 v0.1.2 Added the initial good, and bad, word lists, to the install, to avoid a problem when they are not there.

Aug. 25, 2003 v0.1.3 Changed the logic of passing the file names, since different versions of PMMail seem to pass the file names in different ways.
Updated the docs, and the install script, to, hopefully, make it clearer where to install this thing.

Aug. 25, 2003 v0.1.4 Changed a number of incorrect words, and reformatted README.PMM for better readability (I hope).
Fixed a number of errors in the install script (just words, not function).

Sept. 4,  2003 v0.1.5 Major changes, to make work properly. Changed the install routines, to, automatically, add the filters to each account (if they are not already there).

Sept. 7,  2003 v0.1.6 Fixed a brain dead error, in the training filters.

Sept. 9,  2003 v0.1.7 (not released) Cleaned up the REXX scripts, and fixed a few errors (especially in the code that installs the filters to the accounts).
Added more detail to the README.PMM (this) file.
Removed the initial word files, and instruct the user to do an initial training session to create the word file(s).

Sept. 10, 2003 v0.1.7 (not released) Changed the README to HTML.
Added a folder to the desktop, to contain some related icons (more to come).

Sept. 12, 2003 v0.1.7.1 (not released) Changed the WarpIn script, and InstBogo.CMD, to use PMREXX, so I could use the RxMessgeBox to be sure that the user sees the windows that require responses.
Improved the HTML.

Sept. 13, 2003 v0.2.0 minor changes for
Added icons to access the html file.

Sept. 23, 2003 v.0.3.0 Changed the determination of where the package is to be installed, to automatically detect where PMMail is installed. This should eliminate confusion.
Made sure that PMMail is installed, at version 2.x, or request cancellation of the install.
Added icons for some of the BogoFilter HTML files (NOTE: these will not work, with BogoFilter-, since the files are placed in a different directory with that version).
Added the BogoFilter maintenance program, which maintains the word file, and will convert the old style (two) word lists, to the new style (one) word list, if that has not been done before. A parameter (implemented in a second icon), will offer to restore one of the two saved word files.

Sept.28, 2003 v0.4.0 Added the b4_pmm_bogofilter.cmd  exit, see note about usage, in this file.
Frank Beythien contributed a method to install the REXX receive exit, automatically.

Sept.30, 2003 v0.4.0 Frank Beythien improved the InstBogo script, to automatically install the REXX receive exit, and to create the Bogo Spam folder, if it does not already exist, and point the Bogo Filter to dump SPAM into it.
Added code, in the InstBogo script, to initialize the word list, so the user doesn't need to do that.
Changed the WarpIn install script, to detect (most) install problems, before it cannot be canceled.
Changed the InstBogo script to produce fewer popup windows.

Jan. 4, 2004 v0.5.0 Added "-a 90" to word file maintenance (delete any word that has not been updated in 90 days).
Added a further check, in the installer, to be sure that the PMMail entry in OS2.INI is really correct.
Jan. 18, 2004 v0.5.0 Added logging to the word maintenance routine.
Jan. 18, 2004 v0.5.0 Changed word maintenance, so that the program terminates, after a 5 second timeout.
Jan. 18, 2004 v0.5.0 (installer) added new filter, to send high rated SPAM, directly to the TRASH. It is DISABLED, by default.
Jan. 18, 2004 v0.5.0 (installer) Changed Train as SPAM filter, to automatically send the mail, trained as SPAM, to the TRASH.
Jan. 23 2004, v0.5.0 Changed the method of determining the running directory, in the training scripts to accommodate installing PMMBogoFilter in a network configuration. Thanks to Jan-Erik Larka.
Jan. 24, 2004 v0.5.0 (DB) Split Installer REXX into two parts. INSTBOGOFILTER.CMD to install BogoFilter, and INSTPMMBOGOFILTER.CMD to install the filters, and REXX exits, for PMMBogoFilter.
Jan. 24, 2004 v0.5.0 (DB) create uninstall command for BogoFilter.
Feb.  1, 2004 v0.5.0 (DB) Updates to use ONLY
Feb.  2, 2004  v0.5.1 (FB) display acctname not only account datasetname.
               use syscreateobject instead of syscreateshadow
 Feb. 4, 2004  v0.5.1 (FB) adjust for acctname offset in file not quite as expected.
               Replaced hardcoded path with user_tools_path var for tas filter line.
               Corrected concatenation for filter lines.
               Corrected duplicate delimiter in bogo spam folder.ini.
               Adjust for acctname offset in file again.
Feb.  5 2004, v0.5.2 (FB) Hopefully some code speedup, by eliminating SysFileTree ops.
Feb.  5 2004, v0.5.2 (DB) More speedup, by eliminating the need to load RexxUtil.
Feb.  5 2004, v0.5.2 (DB) Fixed an error in the "reinitialize word file" section.
Feb. 10 2004, v0.5.2 (DB) Code speedup, by eliminating the file copy step.
Feb. 10 2004, v0.5.2 (DB) More improvements to the installer.
Feb. 14, 2004 v0.5.3 Fixed some errors in the word file maintenance program, thanks to Robert Schlee.
May  27, 2004 v0.5.4 Added more information to the word file maintenance log.
May  27, 2004 v0.5.4 Added even more words about where the package MUST be installed.
Jun    1, 2004 v0.5.4 (FB) Changed the folder number determination, to account for sub folders.
                (Thanks to Peter Moylan, for pointing this out).
Jun    1, 2004 v0.5.4 Changed install script so that created folders can be deleted, using PMMail.
Jun    1, 2004 v0.5.4 Changed the method to find the proper install location.
Jun    1, 2004 v0.5.4 Added support for PMMail 1.96a, thanks to Peter Moylan.
Jun    2, 2004 v0.5.4 Updated the documentation (what you are reading). Added an index, of sorts,
                and other links.
Jun  20, 2004 v0.54 Updated this information, rearranged some, and emphasized other parts, about training.
Aug   2, 2004 v0.55 Changed to only install BogoFilter-0.92.4.ZIP.
Aug 29, 2004 v0.56 Changed to detect if the 32 bit TCP/IP stack is installed, and use only
                BogoFilter-0.92.4.ZIP if it is, or BogoFilter-, if it is not.
                The June updates had been dropped, in V0.55,  and are now reinstated.
                Fixed an error in the WarpIn records for which BogoFilter version is installed.     
Oct.  3, 2004 v0.56 (suplimental). Added requirement, and link, for LIBC05.
Jan. 29, 2005 v0.57 Fixed calculation for older maintenance log file.
May 25, 2005 v0.57a Updated this file, and added W3C logo.
Aug. 22, 2005 v0.6.0 Updated for
Oct. 16, 2005 v0.6.1 Added Made with NVU to this document.
Apr. 09, 2005 v0.6.1 Updated for Bogofilter 1.0.2 - updated 20060326
Aug. 07, 2006 v0.6.1 Updated to change my e-mail address.

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