Earth Orbit Objects


Earth Orbit Objects is a free program. It was created to predict satellite passes. Included are 3 different displays to show selected satellites. The Globe view displays your selected satellites as they would appear around the Earth,  Sky view on the other hand displays satellites as seen amongst the stars. Predictions and satellites are processed using SGP4 and SDP4 for maximum accuracy. Precision for times and locations are very accurate. Search tools are available to find transit predictions across selected objects, Sun, Moon, and others. Auto or manual download and update of elements using Space-Track (require free account) or Kelso's website files are within the program options. EOO creates prediction of iridium flares for any locations. Resulting tracks can be viewed with Google Earth (must be installed on your PC). EOO was created to be user friendly and therefore easy to master. It provides a highly effective tools to predict, search and observe Earth satellites.


                    Earth Orbit Objects available features:


                    System Requirements


                    Date:  11 August 2014

                    Earth Orbit Objects (Ver. :
   EOO FULL INSTALL                     
                    Remove previous versions prior to installation of version
                    Proceed to "Program Files" and delete the folder "...\Bluewing" if it still exists.

                    11 Aug 2014
                        Changes have been completed to improve the program.
                        More precision available for Sun and Moon times in Planet data.
                        The size of the install file has incresased drastically due to the addition of stars.