About me...

I am a public service employee in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have a law enforcement back ground, back to just getting out of high school, as an auxiliary constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I can still remember the first fatal accident that I attended. It was a nice day until the phone rang, which was during Thanksgiving dinner, the scene when we arrived was heartbreaking to say the least. A drunk in his truck had crossed the center line  and slammed head on into an oncoming truck, the drunk was dead, the driver of the other truck, a young lady in her mid-thirties and her 5 year old son were also dead, the fire fighters and ambulance personnel were working hard, to try and save an 8 month old infant. Someone with a lot more experience and a lot less luck was being dispatched to notify the lady's husband, and advise him that the majority of his family had just been wiped out by a drunk driver, happy Thanksgiving! This was the start of what I am sorry to have to say, was only the first of many such scenes, and after awhile one get cold and it makes you, become numb to it. Really feeling it only set in again once I'd received a similar call about 15 years later about Scott's death.    

Writing and  building this page has been a way I have dealt with my some of my grief over losing Scott at age 34, but before it was finished my older brother Randy passed away as a result of complications to kidney disease in December of 1999 at the age of 38. And then
grief struck once again, in July 2002 my father Ross passed away from cancer at the age of 73. So now there is just mom and I left to carry on. And so we will! And the finishing of this portion of the site add to just that.

I have been writing about this literally since the day Scott died. I am thinking about posting some of the thoughts and quotes that I have had and used in trying to express and explore my emotions since that terrible morning, and the two other equally terrible mornings since.

This page needs a lot of work, and I just simply don't often have the time. I plan on expanding it even more and perhaps diverging into what exactly I've been through since their deaths, in hopes that it might help others going through the same thing .I believe it helps to have someone to talk with or vent to when feeling such pain.

I wanted to make sure anyone who reads this and wants to write me whether its just to make a comment or to talk,   I am here. You can email me at  scott.memorial@gmail.com. You may also sign the guest book. I always try to respond to my email and will make an attempt to reply to all the guest book signings. If you were a friend of Scott's please also let us know, as Scott traveled the world and made friends everywhere he was, and you all were so important to him, and I know that some of your still grieve as well. 

I also suggest you to check out the links page if you are looking for some information on drunk driving, organizations fighting it, grief counseling, or other memorials dedicated to loved ones lost to this senseless crime.
Once again, thanks for reading about Scott's life, it means a great deal to his mother and I.