a note...

This web site is currently being revamped so some pages will not match others. I hope to have everything completed within the next week or two.

All photographs of Scott are copyrighted. If you want to use one of his photos, then please email me and ask. I don't wish to have his photos floating around the Internet, and possibly being doctored up for other purposes. Please be respectful.

All writing by me is copyrighted to me. If I ever happen to write something brilliant enough for you to want to post on a web site, ask. I will most likely be okay with that.

Any other writing on the web site is copyright to their respective owners. I in no way express any ownership over such work, and am only using them as a way of expressing my own grief with others.

If you have any problems with the page, whether ethically or layout-wise, feel free to let me know and I'll solve the problem as soon as possible.


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