Technology in the classroom

These sites also offer projects, lesson plans and ideas on integrating technology in the classroom.  Although many of the projects will meet Alberta's ICT Outcomes, these projects were not specifically created with those Outcomes in mind.

Project Sites

These sites offer  classroom projects some which are technology based.

Web Quests

A unique way to introduce your students to the web.

Technology TipsSearch Engines for Teachers and Students
Clip Art Sites


This site is Canadian based.  You can sign up for a daily email featuring a site of the day.  You can see previous sites listed at the above link.  Mastering the web one site at a time.

This page was updated on December 9, 2011

Technology in the Classroom

Nancy and Laura's K to 6 Guide to TechnologyThis is a great site if you are trying to find ways to integrate technology into your classroom.  They have on-line in-service training, handouts you can download and print, links to schools and class pages, general links, lesson plans and more.
Microsoft EducationLook through this site for ideas on integrating Microsoft programs into your curriculum.  As well there are tips and other resources for teachers.
Okaloosa School District - k to 2This section features lesson ideas based on themes including bears, bugs, dinosaurs, ocean and more.  
Okaloosa School District - 3 to 5This section features lesson ideas based on themes included animals, the water cycle, solar system, rainforest and more.
Tech-LearningThis site is designed for education technology leaders.  There are numerous areas on the site including site of the day, polls, articles, resources and more.  The information is very up to date and informative.  Many of the contributions are from teachers, administrators and other technology leaders.
Canada's Schoolnet      This site is linked to the above site.  It offers programs, projects and funding to Canadian schools to assist them with integrating technology into the classroom.  The site is quite extensive and some special features also includes links to school web pages, provincial sites with specific projects, etc., 


Project Sites

The Project ApproachThis site offers guidelines, hints and examples of how to use projects in your classroom.  This is a good place to start.
CyberbeeJoin web projects with schools from around the world!


Web Quests

The Mitten A webquest on Jan Brett's book "The Mitten" - geared for younger grades.
Webquest.orgThis site explains what webquests are as well as has a number of webquests you can use.
Teacher's Bookmarks These are a collection of links by a teacher on different web quests she has found on the net.  Just go down her list to web quests.
Ecole Whitehorse School This school site offers templates for webquests, project lists and much, much more!

Technology Tips

Current Internet Hoaxes, Myths and LegendsYou just got an email warning you that this product is dangerous, or a child is missing, or try this famous cookie recipe, etc.  You wonder could it be true?  Should you forward this to all your family and friends.  Before you do, check out this site.  There are many emails circulating that are simply hoaxes, jokes, myths, etc.  Find out which ones are real and should be shared and which should simply be deleted.
Computer Virus HoaxesComputer viruses are definitely an area of concern for most computer users.  However some of the virus warnings you may receive are actually a joke or hoax.  Read the latest information on virus hoaxes past and present.
Computer VirusesCheck out these sites below for information on the latest viruses.  By being informed you are less likely to have a virus infect your computer.
Symantec - Norton Anti-Virus - Virus Information
How Stuff Works - Learn more about how viruses and worms work.
Tammy's Technology Tips for TeachersQuite a variety of tips and ideas on this site.  From instructions and links to technology tools like created flashcards, creating word searches, stationary to finding lesson plans and much more.


Search Engines for Teachers and Students

KidsClickThis site is designed by school librarians and offers a way for children to search and find sites suitable for them to read and navigate.  A good way to introduce the world of the internet to your class.
GoogleOne of the best current search engines.  
Google For TeachersA few neat posters on how to search and other tips that you can print.


Clip Art

Classroom ClipartA great resource for students and teachers.  The clipart is free but must be used for educational purposes.  Students and teachers should read the copyright information to ensure they are following the guidelines.  There are literally 1000's of clipart and photos available for use.  Great for research papers, newsletters, class websites and more.
The Teacher FilesClip art for curriculum, holidays and more!


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