Hank "Spitball" Furskin
"Wild about Baseball"

Baby Thistle Furskin
"Cuddliest Bear Cub in North Georgia"

Persimmon Furskin
"Busy Little Bakers Assistant"

Lila Claire Furskin
"Pretty Little Miss"

Cecelia Furskin
"Little Miss. Fix-it"

J. Livington Clayton
"Expert Tracker and Explorer -- 'Scout' for Short"

Farrel Furskin
"Moody Hollow Postmaster and ZIP code Scholar"
Dudley Furskin
"Big Hearted General Store Manager"

More Furskins

Names of Furkins

Boon Furskin -- "the sweet-toothed beekeeper" straw hat, bug net, bees, flannel shirt and khakis.
Bubba Furskin -- middle sized Best tater farmer (sweet) east of Idaho. Blue overalls, red long johns and bandanna,
CeCe Furskin --
Cecelia Furskin -- middle sized red fur red and white plaid shirt with lace. Demin dressand cowboy hat.
Debonaire Bear --
Dudley Furskin -- "the general store manager" striped overalls and scarf
Fannie Fay Furskin -- "School Marm" - Pale Pink Print Dress...Solid Pale Pink Pinafore..Dark Pink Stretch Stockings
Farrell Furskin -- "the Moody Hollow Postmaster" hat, flannel shirt and "trademark bowtie.
Hank "Spitball" Furskin -- middle sized, baseball hat, red
Hattie Furskin -- "the pie baker of Moody Hollow" Peach milti colored dress w/ blue ribbon
Humphrey Furskin -- blue (or other colored) tee-shirt.
J. Livingston Clayton Furskin -- middle sized - tracker explorer aka Scout - Camo and hunting cap.
Jam Furskin --
Jedger Furskin -- the sheriff
Junie Mae Furskin -- middle sized square dancer,in blue polka dot dress lace slipYellow ribbon
Lila Claire Furskin -- middle sized aka "Lilac," Pretty little miss, loves the color purple.  laces are purple. She has a white, fancy hat with purple ribbon and a purple and yellow rose.
Orville T. Furskin -- the pilot
Persimmon Furskin -- middle sized baker's assistant. Light blue dress flowers apron with two pockets. Head band.
Selma Jean Furskin -- the Possum Queen of Moody Hollow has a ribbon attached crown, sash, pants and shoes.
Baby Thistle Furskin -- middle sized, diapers.
Wizards --