My Collections


This website is a work in progress. I will be adding more as I have time.

Hope you enjoy what I have done already.

I started collecting My Little Pony as a child. My best friend, Andrea, started it all and got me interested in them. We would spend hours playing with them, inventing elaborate stories that would last a whole day or even a weekend.

When I had saved up enough money to buy one, I would go to the store then spend an hour trying to pick one out. It was so hard 'cause they were all so beautiful and I wanted them all. Now that I'm older and can afford to collect them, maybe someday I can have them all!


For all the French Canadians out there, here is a website done by a friend that has information about her collection and the French Canadian names of the "My Little Pony/Ma Petite Pouliche" collection.

A beautiful site!


Pour tous les Canadiens français, y a ici un site Web fait par une amie qui contient des informations sur sa collection et les noms canadiens français de "My Little Pony/Ma Petite Pouliche". Une très belle site!



This baby pony was adopted on 13/12/04 at Lullabye Nursery.