Bagpipe Player Software

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Product Features

·        Supports BMW Gold and BMW DOS file format.  The old BMW DOSTM files are converted to the new format as they are opened.

·        Bagpipe Player has everything Bagpipe Reader has but with playing to MIDI and PC Speaker capabilities.

·        Bagpipe Player is also able to save the tune to MIDI file format.


Page Layout and Printing

·        Prints any type of Great Highland Bagpipe light music and piobaireachd (including abbreviations) on a Windows compatible printer.

·        Can include any of the following text items with the music: tune title, tune type, composer/arranger, footer (for page numbers), in-line text, text at a fixed location, and comments.

·        Prints in portrait or landscape on any paper size supported by a Windows printer driver.

·        Top, bottom, left and right margin settings.

·        Allows each text item to be formatted with font, font style, font size, colour, underline, strikeout, and alignment (left, right, centred or absolute location).

·        Scales music horizontally and/or vertically on the page.

·        Allows music to be printed on multiple pages or fit to one page.

·        Bars can be vertically aligned.

·        Aspect ratio and size of music symbols and symbol spacings can be adjusted.

·        Multiple tunes in a file can be printed on one page or across multiple pages.

·        Embellishment, grace notes, and strikes distance between melody note adjusted.

·        Add per-note spacing with the “space” symbol.

·        Staff height can be specified in absolute height (thousandths of an inch) or allow Bagpipe Reader to fit the tune according to page setup settings.


Screen Layout

·        Split screen with music codes in bottom window and displayed music in the top window. Bar separating the windows can be adjusted vertically.

·        Zoom level on music window can be adjusted (10-900%).  Allows any scale entry up to 900%.

·        Supports Multiple Document Interface (i.e. can open several tunes at same time)

·        Icons for new tune, open existing tune, save tune in current window, print music, preview music, refresh music.

Other Features

·        Bagpipe Reader is an OLE server. This means that BAGPIPE Reader tunes can be linked or embedded into other applications, like MS WORD or EXCEL.  

·        Music can be saved to image files in BMP or PCX file formats. Resolution is adjustable.

·        Multiple tunes can be placed in a file, printed on a page or over several pages, and played as a medley.

·        Long file names for tune code files (only with 32 bit version)

·        Tune files are ASCII based and very small in size,  allowing large numbers of tunes to be placed onto a floppy or downloaded very quickly.