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Bagpipe Reader and Bagpipe Player for Windows 95,98,ME,2000,XP / Windows NT


        Download the self-extracting install BagpipePlayer.exe (1439 KB) Version 1.01


This software is made available FREE in the spirit of exchanging musical ideas amongst bagpipers. However,if you enjoy using this software, I ask for a small donation ($10 US) for the cost of maintenance and upgrades (Computers and development tools are not free).


E-mail and address

Doug Wickstrom

1245 Palmer Rd.

Victoria, B.C.

V8P 2H8



       Certain piobaireachd symbols before tie or run symbols would not be placed in the correct spot on printout.

       The 224 timeline would not play the second time of the fourth part.

       If you place a tie across one note (^ts C_4 ^te C_4) the program would lock up.


July 12, 2001