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This picture is a touch more than meets the eye. For instance you can highlight this text.

Not a Planet
Somewhen Somewhere in FictionSpace You can also select the two objects floating in this space.

Look, no Java!

Wonder what I can put here.

Verden, the world of Havne

This is the World of Verden. It is a fantasy world I created  for use in my fiction. It is a locale for my fantasy stories and a setting for the Fantasy Role Playing Game I run. So far the action in the games has all taken place on the continent of Havne in the Northern Hemisphere. Perhaps I will do a more naturalistic globe of Verden. It was a lot of work doing this globe so I hesitate to start that project. Of course now I have tools to do so more simply.

When I started this page I was considering doing it like either a maze or a scavenger hunt. I'm still deciding. That might be a bit strange not to have decided and yet going ahead with the page. Then again this is the Odd Page! You never know what to expect here.
There shall be stuff that goes in here.
Let's start off with a link to the entry.   SPLAT
I guess there should be a link back to my personal home page, Darrell's Desktop. <allez KA zaM!>

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