The World has no ends
A person must make a start
One may do so here

New snow on mountains
Remember who will remain
They will need our love

Sun bright in heaven
Gazing for too long in love
Sightless forever

May Morning Mountain Mist

Morning has broken
Mists cling high on the mountain
Not long to be here

Pool reflecting World
Surface hiding the true depth
Like most that we see

The Mourning Dove

The Morning Dove flies over the field, dew glistens on every blade.
Soft are the sounds of the mourning crowds that gather on the glade.
When is too soon and soon enough?
When is young and old enough?
Time passes as it will.
But friends gather as friends will
In groups on the mourning hill.

~ Wade

Sodden sulky grey
Clouds veil the mountains complete
Are we on the plain?

Mighty Cloud

Cloud towering high
Dwarfing mountain below it
Crushing it slowly

Fall Folliage Fire
Bright Warmth on Foggiest Day
The Year's End Blazing!

Grey roof winter cloud
Softly turns to winter snow
White blanket cover

Voices in the Dark

Voices in the dark
Speaking in quiet whispers
Shouting for justice

Santa Claus

Santa Claus not real?
He looked so sad when I asked.
Believe in your heart.

Support is like a brace or a foundation.

Judgement like a tug or shove.

Tugging can help

Shoving might help

But tugging can pull down

Shoving can push over

Positive or negative judging can hurt

Support more easily a brace that can be taken or gracefully declined

Support a foundation more easily built upon

Hidden mountaintop
Unseen by village below
Sun shining above

Frail Time

I don't think I mind growing old.
A bit more ache and pain.
But watching friends grow frail
And some I'll not see again.

But life can't be held back.
It marches always on.
We must travel forth
With every passing sun.

Use the time we have.
To give to all our love.
For in the very end.
We'll share love again above.


Deep dark darkest deep

Etch colours of painful gloom

Looking for the light

Naked Trees

Naked trees in fog
Brown against soft grey you stand
Guardposts against gloom

Night Dreams

A kaleidescope of dreams
Parading for their purpose
Oft important it seems

So full of vision light
Symbolic or direct
Where do you lead me tonight

DWPenner August 15, 2005

Make a Smile

All I want to do is help,
Make a difference in a life.
All I want is to bring a smile,
Make a life worthwhile.

So much hurt I see about,
So many frowning faces.
Can't I just stay a while,
And make one child smile?

I see gloom and pain around,
So many seeking woe.
Can't I point out a smile,
Show gold within the mile?

All I want to do is help,
Make a difference in a life.,
All I want is to bring a smile
Make a life worthwhile.

Darrell Wade Penner
Haiku first line from my name?
That is just plain weird.

Brown patch on white
Still soft not hard
Cold not warm

Flowers on the earth
Petals in the snow
Branches bare of snow

Stark against the sky
Black brown against blue
Rattle in the breeze

Stark against the sky
White grey against the black
Whicket in the wind

Stark against the sky
Red brown against the grey
Shiver in the drafts

Green grass on green lawn
Small daisies strewn about
Fresh flowers by a plaque


If the wingbeat of a butterfly can effect the weather yet to come.

Imagine the effect of a heartbeat from the love of a loved one.

~ Darrell

The journey of life
What an interesting path
What's 'round the corner


The Sky is still up!

The sky is still up!
The ground is still down!
If you can still make your kids giggle,
There's no need to frown!

DWPenner November 18, 2005

A New Day
Another day here
A birthday like another
Marks a new gateway

Where are you my love
Waiting for our first meeting
Longer while alone


Absent returning
Feeling so outside myself
Alone even at home

DWPenner August 17, 2005

A Friends' Gate
Haven safe from storms
Fear fades with friendly support
Welcome to my friends