Gentle Garden Entry

This page is a simple introduction to the actual page. I'm only including it because I've designed the page a bit differently than usual. The page is intended to be explored. Not all of the page will be visible on your screen as it has been created to be larger than can be viewed all at once. Follow the flow of text or artwork or your own fancy. If you arrive at the page from here you will be starting in the upper left hand corner, but if you arrive at the Gentle Garden from other places you might start in different places. I intend to be adding things and changing things over the life of the page so you may wish to check back once in a while. I may even put together a journal to track the changes and a library of sorts for anything that I might remove from the page over time.

From this inception I am intending it as a place to put Haiku that I write. Perhaps it will hold other writings of mine as well. It might only have artwork of mine. It might have artwork of others as well. I may include links to outside pages. I am not sure. They may be like alcolves off the main area. For now, there is this page.

Thank you.

You may click this link for the Gentle Garden.

(Just for posterity I created the page November 21st, 2003. It is now December 20th, 2005 and the artwork and poetry is still all mine and I figure I'll keep it that way.)