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This page serves as the entry to various pages with my poetry on them. I have done the pages at various times and in various styles so there is nearly as much variety in the pages construction as in the poetry itself. There might even be a fair amount of variety in the location of the various pages. From time to time you might have to back out to this page to come back to the main Poetry Site.

This page also has shared links from a few of my sites including my regular web site "Darrell's Desktop" and my SCA web site "Wade's Realm" and so to return to the individual site you came from you might have to return to the links on this page to get back rather than repeat the links on each poetry page. For some I simply do not want to clutter with unnecessary links.

I am setting things up so that the links to the poetry pages will open up on a separate window. They should all open up on the same window if I do my design correctly. The benefit of doing it this way is that this page will still be here for you to navigate back to the site you came from as well as to the other poetry pages. Please remember that the new poetry page will load into the poetry window and not this one so when you click the link nothing will happen on this page if the poetry window is already open. The page will be appearing there.

Thank you.

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The Gentle Garden

A location with gentle hai ku and artwork growing.

Uniform Memory

Emotional thoughts on Remembrance Day.

Bible in a Nutshell

Looking at the Bible from a very simple viewpoint.

Darrell's Poetry Page

<Link not working at present.>

A varied collection of poetry written by me mostly in the early 90's.

The Odd Page

Not really poetry perhaps, but perhaps it a very eclectic way it is.

Hai Ku Collection

Future Hai Ku Collection


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