HMCS St. Therese: 
HMCS St. Therese - Frigate, River Class  

Vital Statisics:
Ship Type

1445 Tonnes

Top Speed
19 Knots
River - 1943-44 Programme

Length                    Breadth           Draught
301.5 Ft                   36.6 Ft            9 Ft.

Pendant #               # Officers        # of Crew
K366                              8                    133
Ship's Badge
Ship's Badge

2-4" (1 x II), 4-20mm, Hedgehog

Davie Shipbuilding and Repairing Co. Ltd., Lauzon,PQ

Laid Down:
May 18-43
Oct 16-43
May 28-44
Paid Off:      
Nov 2-45
History: Dad's final ship,  he signed on as a Petty Officer.  The Ste. Therese was operational in the North Atlantic, with the Atlantic Coast command (unallocated) while transiting to Europe, then with the 25th Escort Group (RCN) Western approaches.  She was shown as operational in UK waters, including Gibraltar,  and it is conceivable could have participated in escort duties on the the Murmansk run during this time.  Dad had said that he was on the run from Scapa Flow, Scotland to just short of Murmansk, USSR - Allied ships were not permitted to put in to Russian ports.

Dad left the Ste. Therese for further training, and before being assigned to another ship the war in Europe ended.  While he volunteered for duty in the Pacific, the Japanese surrendered before he could transfer to the west coast.

The Ste. Therese was recommissioned as a Prestonian Class on January 21, 1955. Pendant Number 309.  She was finally paid off January 30, 1967.