New additions at bottom



This is the neck – solid rosewood. It’s sitting on some “curly maple”


Here’s the neck again – with more rosewood for future guitars





This is the body with just the outline cut out.


Here’s the body with the neck joint and the pickup cavities routed out. I made a mistake on the back pickup…. ooooops



Updates to July 25, 2005:


Here’s the neck joint – two views



Making the trussrod

end view of the truss rod slot


Here’s the neck with the truss rod fitted, but not yet installed

close-up of the headstock with Trussrod


The fretboard, made from a piece of macassar ebony. I cut the crescent moon inlays from mother-of-pearl. In this picture, they’re just sitting on the fretboard. I’m not sure if I will just use moons, or if I will also use stars. Stay tuned.