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Thank you to all who voted for me. I was re-elected, and topped the polls. Now, the responsibility mounts to continue to make this the best community in the world!

Commentary on Sustainable Okotoks

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This election may be a 'watershed' moment for the future of Sustainable Okotoks and our ability to live within the carrying capacity of the Sheep River basin.

Your vote matters and it may count more than ever before - if you support Sustainable Okotoks and limits to growth based on water supply, it is so important to vote for the candidates who will support this cause.
Be heard above the minority self interest groups.

Why Ed Sands?
October 5 Forum Text
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"Critical to the success of the Okotoks Sustainable Development Plan was the political will to continue with the programs implemented under its umbrella. The town's council had a good understanding of sustainable development as a viable strategy for its community."

It is imperative to elect a council which continues to possess the political will to stay the course!

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